Founder of the company
Julia Bulyga
Julia Bulyga

The design studio Simpeks Design - is first of all a group of professionals and people who love their work.

Architects, designers, engineers, and designers with long-term experience who were united in one team, the head, and the ideological inspirer YuliiaBulyha. These professionals have designed and have realized a set of interesting and individual projects for our customers. We have not templated and as we are communicating with each person, we try to make for our clients the interior where they are feeling will be cozy and comfortable.

The construction company  Simpeks Group, the trading company  Simpeks Trade and studio of architecture and design of Simpeks Design, together we are ready to provide to the client a full range of services from the project of full implementation.

New projects
Ирпенские липки Watch Project
Ирпенские липки
Kyiv, RC "Obolon Residences" (85 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC
Kyiv, RC "Obolon Residences" (85 sq.m.) Design project 2021
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Design of the house
Design of the house Cottages, Wooden houses, Townhouses, Duplexes
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Design of office
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Design of restaurants
Design of restaurants Restaurants, Bars, Cafe, Mini-coffee houses
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Design of shops, Boutiques
Design of shops, Boutiques Shops, Boutiques, Window dressing
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Design of an exterior
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TV Projects
Success stories by Yuliia Bulyha The success story of Yulia Bulyha, a graduate of Interior Design Professional and Interior Design Practitioner. Julia is co-owner of a construction firm and director of her own design studio Simpeks-Design. Watch Video
Success stories by Yuliia Bulyha
Program 5th floor No.66 Participation in the program 5th Floor on Channel 5, No.66 Watch Video
The 5th over №66
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Interior Design

What is the offered by the studio of interior and design "Simpeks Design"?

What do you feel when you are in fascinating the issued room? Can you agree with me? The beautiful interior of the apartment inspires, bewitches, installs to the feeling of comfort and pride.

If you are having addressed to the professional studio of design, you will be able to realize the idea of perfectly the equipped premises. The experts will create a project of the apartment of an ideal interior, being guided by your desires, laws of design, and current trends. They avoid many defects thanks to such a tool as visualization of an interior.

Each concrete room, inhabited or commercial, has to perform the function. The extremely importance to competent design is for this purpose. In the creation of comfortable conditions each trifle, any detail matters.  It is the most reasonable to order professional interior design in Kyiv, it is inexpensive or the VIP option, but in both cases, the project helps will save on further repair.

Excellent team of Simpeks Design studio,  professionals of creation of faultless interiors, commercial and premises. We are very well understand to need for functional, beautiful, and comfortable space.

As the interior design is created?

Everything begins with the acquaintance of the customer and the performer. At a stage of coordination of details, the project and a customer have to tell about the wishes, express all information which is important for work on the creation of an interior under specific need. After discussion and drawing up the contract, the performer will start to complete measurements, planning solution, selection of finishing materials, interior design to a 3D and full package of drawings.

Professional interior design in Kyiv

The Simpeks Design studio proposes the best design solutions. We are a part of the construction company Simpeks Group therefore are ready to offer also high-quality implementation of the project. We are performing work precisely on the contract and in the stipulated time.

Very offer we are various packages of creation of interior design, the price of each them differs according to services which enter. It would be desirable to note at once that the cost of our services, not the lowest, but fully answers the promised highest quality.

Each package going to assumes a 3D interior design. You will receive the high-quality and detailed three-dimensional, visualization of the project which will simplify the perception of the drawing and will help to embody the project precisely, as on the picture.

You need to have the order of interior design in Kyiv already now, having addressed in "Simpeks Design". Our designers are ready to help you to create an amazing and cosines interior and we are going to enjoy functionality at the office, cafe, restaurant, boutique, or at home.  You are going to call. We will make it so that your room is pleased and inspired!

The interior design of apartments, creativity, and strict calculation

When we are having to cross a threshold of a recently bought apartment, there is a wish to change quickly it to unrecognizability, guide cosines, and create the atmosphere of faultless comfort. Especially, as you already have many photos of designs of apartments which want to be used also for themselves. Therefore many hurry to undertake the construction tool, brushes, rollers, and paints - work is humming, repair goes.

For example, in a process, it becomes clear how many not up to the end elaborately in design which you hold in the head. Here workers have confused with a color, the tile has ended there, and just the same new to wait for a long time. Laminate, not absolutely that shade?  All this involves additional financial expenses, you waste time and repair drags on. Of course, it is unpleasant and repairs any more not absolutely in joy. The project of the interior design of the apartment will help to avoid unpleasant surprises. How?

  • You will be have several successful options of an interior at once in a 3D format that harmoniously combines all your wishes. You need to see in detail the advance future result. On the place it is possible to make corrections and to look at changes.
  • Designers work on the project. It excludes mistakes in planning and when laying engineering systems.
  • If you have ordered design of the apartment, then selection of all materials, a miscalculation of their necessary quantity and cost is surely carried out. You understand actual prise and you know what to count on.
  • On repair it is much easier for crew to work according to the project - the confusion and misunderstanding are excluded.
  • Designers of Simpeks Design studiowill  help you with suppliers of necessary materials - all available and at the loyal prices.

Design of apartments in Kyiv. We are saving your time and money

Simpeks Design is a part of the construction company Simpeks Group and together we are providing the cycle of works, from the idea before repair. We are sure of the partners, therefore, we offer not only the author's design of apartments but also his qualified performance. If you are count on the professional design of the apartment, then to order everything turnkey you will be able in our company.

Our experts will save your time, money, will keep nerves and won't allow making mistakes at repair of the premises. The designer will make the unique design the project of the apartment and will help to embody it quickly is a work for Simpeks Design. Call +38(097)192 99 75!