5 restaurants with great ceiling designs.

Restaurant Ikebana Restaurant in Barcelona

The institution combined two cultures: Japanese and Brazilian.
This was a challenge for the architects of El Equipo Creativo. It was decided to tell the story of the two countries through the design of the ceiling.

If you look closely at the wooden ribbons, you can understand that their curves symbolize the landscapes of different regions.
This is a rather simplistic and abstract design option, but it creates an interesting story of its own for the restaurant.

Innuendo Restaurant in New York
The interior of this place is similar to the movie "Interstellar". Geometric shapes and LED lights on the ceiling form something similar to the digital cloud. The ceiling is composed of geometric shapes.
Neon lighting complements the overall atmosphere of the sci-fi movie.


The design is designed to be used in small colors / Photo by Mayertrade

Tsujita restaurant in Los AnzhelesŃ–
25 thousand wooden sticks to decorate the stele of a restaurant near Kalifornia. Dolphin's skin sticks were retouched.

The ceiling captures visitors.
The sticks were chosen so that a pattern similar to clouds forms on the ceiling.

Special lighting was made for the decor.

The Segev Kitchen Garden Restaurant in Israel
The restaurant's ceiling is decorated with spices and herbs. These are not just decor - they are used to prepare meals.

The restaurant is like a greenhouse - herbs are everywhere. They decorate tables, walls, and grow from decorative partitions.
Designed by Yaron Tal.
A cozy green ceiling gives the impression of being in a forest or a cave.

Pakta Restaurant in Barcelona

He successfully combined two cuisines: Japanese and Peruvian.

The interior that symbolizes the loom is a cultural symbol in both countries.

Guests feel like they are inside the loom.
Bright threads intertwining in patterns adorn the ceiling and walls. The interior looks very cozy and authentic.