A selection of 5 small and very cozy house in the forest for the Christmas holidays.

The house in the Scandinavian style

The owners of this house have provided many places for storing books.
The interior - a simple and very comfortable. White walls, wooden floors, the snowy forest around - this is definitely your dream home.

Cute home with retroelements

Here you can sleep on a dais - as if on a stove, with a colored carpet under your feet, and instead of a TV, there is a real fireplace with wood.

House with panoramic windows and outdoor jacuzzi

The interior used the texture of natural wood.
The windows offer views of the nature around the house. The house has a separate bedroom. A fireplace was installed in the living room.

A recreation area with a grill, a jacuzzi, a swing, and a place for a fire was made in the yard.

House with a contrasting interior

The interior combines white color and wood texture.
It turned out quite strict and cold, but it looks very stylish. On the second floor, there is a separate bedroom.

Warm house in country style

There are a lot of wood, bright colors, carpets, and textiles.
The house has a separate bathroom. There was a place for even a rocking chair and a small seating area.