The American style in design

The modern American style in an interior has absorbed in itself features of the passing times. Have exerted an impact on him to Art deco, a country, colonial and classical styles.

The interior in the American style will be suitable for big and spacious apartments, country houses, cottages, or penthouses.

Distinctive features of the American style - free planning (there are no partitions between the kitchen and a drawing-room, a drawing room and a hall, creating uniform big space), in the kitchen is equipped the island, furniture has on the center of the room.

The color scale of the American style - beige, sand, dairy, cream, chocolate, shades white and brown.
Walls in interiors most often are painted, use wall-paper with the vegetable drawing less often.

One of the characteristic elements of an interior in the American style is the fireplace, he is established in the center of a drawing-room which for many Americans began to be associated with house heat and coziness.

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The American style of an interior

The American style is known to us now was created throughout many centuries, absorbing the best lines of the passing times. The modern American interior has borrowed fundamental bases from colonial and classical style, has taken the ideas of a country and art deco. Now he can be characterized by the following criteria:

  • freedom in space
  • coziness
  • elegance
  • functionality
  • minimalism in decorative elements

The American style of an interior has taken a lot of things from classics in a question of the organization of space. At the beginning of the 20th century, he has changed under the influence of refined art deco, having become more distinguished, prudish, picturesque. The second half of the 20th century which is famous for the peak of popularity of a country has added a note of natural beauty and harmony. The present also left the print on the American style, which has made him more functional and having imparted a manner of free planning of the room.

The American style in an interior is characterized by the following:

  • Free planning;
  • All are functional zones (kitchen, the dining room, a drawing room, an office) unite in uniform space. Walls bedrooms and bathrooms separate, as a rule;
  • Often, a classical color scale of shades white and brown is used: beige, dairy, cream, sand, chocolate. At the same time it is also quite often welcomed contrast combinations of flowers;
  • The walls have to be smooth. Most often they are painted opaque monophonic paint;
  • High ceilings decorate beams, the smooth surface of a ceiling is painted in a light color;
  • There are no strict rules of rather a floor covering. It can be a parquet, a tile, a bulk floor, an artificial stone, etc. The use of carpets is undesirable. The system of heating of floors is welcomed;
  • The American style of an interior allows different scenarios of lighting: dot or central, installation of floor and wall lamps, use of one chandelier for one functional zone, etc.;
  • Furniture has to be convenient and functional, executed in one style within one zone. As a rule, she isn't put along walls - more preferable to establish a sofa with chairs in the middle of the room and around to place other furniture.

Who will suit the American style of an interior?

To the American style simplicity, not persistence, functionality, and rather a low cost are characteristic. He perfectly will be suitable for owners of spacious apartments, penthouses, cottages, or country houses. The style of the American classics in an interior well looks as well in small premises. He is used both for the arrangement of inexpensive apartments and for magnificent apartments. In an apartment with such an interior to live very comfortably - everything is made and picked up under the needs of residents.

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