Style of Art deco in design

The style of Art deco is an opportunity to be marked out with the wealth, this style very expensive. Art deco combines the use of exotic materials (ivory, crocodile leather), period furniture, and decor and also the last achievements of scientific and technical progress.

The main lines of style multilevel ceilings, geometrical lines, and ornaments, glossy furniture, mirrors, contrast colors.

The palette of the style of Art deco - scale gray, white, brown, threw shades, a tree, and skin. As a floor covering the black-and-white tile, marble, a parquet is often used.

Characteristic decor in the style of Art deco is the mirrored sun that adds to an interior of light and gloss.

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Interior design in the style of the Art deco

Do you love the bright objects of decor belonging to various directions in art and to the cultures of the different countries? Then you will be able to appreciate a rather young current in design that has arisen in the early thirties. It is a style of Art deco, in an interior of the apartment given on a photo above it is possible to see what he graceful, easy and multinational. In him use of various materials, but the main condition their good compatibility is allowed. Therefore this style will help you to find extraordinary solutions in the finishing of any room: from a bathtub to a drawing-room.

Characteristic signs of the direction of the Art deco in design

Interiors of houses in the style of Art deco are easily recognized. Are inherent in them:

  • Lack of excess details each subject here to the place;
  • Existence of various elements of decor;
  • Solid wooden, metal exclusive furniture;
  • Mirrors in the form of the sun;
  • A variety of products from precious metals, ceramics, textiles.

The finishing of walls is carried out in an unostentatious pastel color scale that allows them to serve as a background for furnishings. Only the bright border, with the geometrical figures represented on him, can become the only ornament.

The room interior in the style of the Art deco is usually presented by contrast scale: light tones for walls and dark just for decoration. Bright colors in such rooms are used in numerous ornaments. So-called sunshine enjoys special popularity. Connect use of striped furnishings and decorative elements with them.

The art deco style doesn't do also without trapezoid details inherent in him in an interior. Furniture and even a decor of doors can have such form. Among materials the greatest preference is given:

  • to the tree which incrustation can decorate (for example, nacre, an eggshell, etc.);
  • to aluminum and stainless steel;
  • to glossy ceramics;
  • to glass.

Apartment interior in the style of the Art deco

The versatility of this direction does it popular with people with any tastes. Especially as the style of the Art deco can be used in the interior of any room and as it looks it is possible to see on a photo.

For registration of the bedroom, such design is chosen by nature's creativity. They aren't afraid to experiment and will manage to give to the room of line of distinguished elegance and monumental luxury. The bedroom interior in the style of the Art deco at the owners who are a good judge of luxury is a softness of forms, expensive period or modern furniture. The color scale of a situation is selected taking into account the decoration of the walls, making with them a contrasting picture. Except for furniture in the room surely there are mirrors creating the illusion of scope even in small rooms. They can decorate doors of cases, settle down in a bedside zone, and have the unusual form in the form of the sun with beams.

The drawing room interior in the style of the Art deco usually is associated with the rounded-off facades of elite furniture from wood of valuable breeds which is decorated by metal handles and inserts from the glass. At decoration of the walls use of various ornaments and patterns in combination with the surfaces decorated with leather, ivory, and semiprecious stones is possible. Color schemes for a drawing-room are limited to the prevalence of the dark shades giving to a situation special nobility and chic.

The interior of the kitchen in the style of Art deco is an opportunity to emphasize its importance for residents. The faultless combination of black and white in the registration of surfaces, the existence of antiquarian bagatelles, and objects of art allows drawing to this room attention.

The bathroom interior in the style of the Art deco strikes with monumentalism and luxury. Geometrical drawings on finishing in combination with ethnic utensils and the mixers give the room a distinguished look.