Design of balconies

The design of a loggia and balcony becomes more popular. Taking into account the increase in prices for the real estate, people even more often refuse a balcony as a dump of old unnecessary things in favor of additional functional space of the apartment.

When developing the design of a balcony it is necessary to define the functional purpose of a balcony, to leave him "cold" or to make "warm". If the "warm" balcony is equipped, then it needs to be warmed and waterproof reliably.

Depending on the loggia size, it is possible to equip a workplace, a vacation spot, a sports corner, or a winter garden.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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Design of a balcony

The Simpeks Design studio will help to turn your balcony into a cozy corner. Parameters of most of them very are suitable for the arrangement of the small room for rest or work: the opened or closed space with the circulation of fresh air, a large number of daylight, often a pleasant view from the window.

It is possible to equip a balcony and to create a pleasant design in several ways. First, it is worth using compact furniture a bed, chairs and a table. Suitable option - a folding or semicircular wooden table which won't occupy a lot of space and also compact chairs, hinged regiments.

Before works, our expert measures the area of the room ergonomically to distribute necessary elements of decor and furniture during the repair. Simpeks Design will help to choose furniture which will ideally fit into a small room.

Open balconies are ideal for tea drinking, summer breakfasts, and pastime in the companies. The correctly picked-up design will help to expand space visually. The choice of light tones for walls will be a good decision, bar counters on a handrail will provide comfort and freedom of movement. The use of modular furniture considerably will keep space: there will be enough small case rack or a case curbstone for storage of necessary things. And the closed balcony without special work can be converted to a small bedroom or a study.

Design of a small balcony

Then there is less space, the more difficult it to work with it. However, the correct planning from skilled designers will help to carry out any task. For lighting the LED tape or the built-in lamps which won't interfere with movement is most often used, however, in certain cases, it is possible to use a sconce or hinged lamps.

The design of balconies and loggias will depend on their mission and the customer's wishes. Material for facing of walls and a ceiling depends on the budget: it is possible to put wall-paper or to apply decorative plaster, to decorate with decorative elements, to put a parquet, laminate or a tile.

One of the options of re-planning of a balcony or loggia - a small study. It is in that case necessary a small computer or a desk with a convenient chair. The interior design of a balcony for rest assumes the existence of chairs or several chairs, a coffee or folding table, a mini-sofa. Creating a quieter atmosphere, not to do without flowers and exotic plants. It is possible to place them as regiments of small cases, and directly on a floor. Entrust design of loggias and balconies to us. We are guided by averages for the city of the price and we perform work in time.

You call according to the number specified on the website for obtaining information on design decisions. We advise each client free of charge.