Design of wooden houses

Wooden houses - a modern trend in the construction of country houses. The main materials that are used at registration of interior design of the wooden house, exclusively natural (a tree, integral logs, metal, a natural stone).

The empire style or classics isn't relevant to the design of such a house. Such houses make out Provence, a country, a modernist style in style more often.

Walls leave wooden: they can be painted, or to open with varnish.

The interior of the wooden house can not remind inside at all of what material he is made.

The studio of architecture and design of Simpeks Design will develop design the project of the wooden house, and the Simpeks Group construction company will be able to build it on new technologies. It is reliable to work with us. Having skilled masters in the team, we are ready to undertake a full complex of works on design, internal design, and construction of the wooden house.

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Design project of the wooden house

Structures from logs or a bar possess the special cozy atmosphere and still have a unique character. However, their advantages aren't limited to external natural appeal. In such constructions it is easy to breathe, they are literally filled with forces of nature, allowing owners to enjoy quiet and harmonious life. But that the design of the country wooden house corresponded to the most courageous dreams, entrust his development to the staff of our studio. Having the necessary knowledge and wide experience, they will manage to create an original situation that will be harmoniously combined with a simple and eco-friendly exterior of the building.

Interiors on which nature inspires

Natural materials, in particular wood, need the minimum dressing. Therefore, the design of the wooden house is usually tried to be developed without excess decor inside to receive an integral and harmonious image. Furniture from the massif, quiet color scale of registration and indispensable attribute of such structures - ceiling beams helps to create idyll.

The staff of our studio adheres to these principles, carrying out the design of the project of the wooden house from a log or a bar. The texture of these materials allows the creation of a set of options for an interior. And each of them is developed taking into account a way of life, habits, and temperament of family members, living in this structure. But, creating a certain image, it is necessary that all elements of a situation were naturally combined among themselves. Only this way it is possible to receive the design of the wooden house from a bar with a warm and cozy atmosphere disposing to pleasant rest.

At the request of the customer the staff of Simpeks Design studio will create both a classical interior and combining several styles in which will is unique is picked up:

  • invoice and color scale of surfaces;
  • types of finishing;
  • forms of door and window openings.

That clients could choose the option corresponding to their own idea of what has to be designed in the wooden house, we give examples of a photo of rooms from our last projects. In each of them, the chosen decision is a reflection of the habits and tastes of the owner of a structure.

The interior design of the wooden house: what style to choose?

The opinion that structures from natural materials are monotonous in the registration has come from the past. Modern developers have managed to prove that there is a set of versions of interior decisions. Beautiful designs of wooden houses can be in style:

  • the modernist style for those who appreciate a scope and abundance of natural light;
  • Scandinavian in which the most ordinary things are combined there are a lot of bright paints and elements of decor;
  • Scandinavian in which the most ordinary things are combined there are a lot of bright paints and elements of decor;

The modern design of the wooden house can have also finishing in styles a chalet or the loft. Whatever option you wouldn't prefer our experts will manage to group all details so that it was pleasant to you to be in the room.

It is the most difficult to create the design of small wooden houses. He has to be convenient and the most functional, having a small inhabited space. But also specialists of the studio perfectly cope with this task what you will be able to be convinced of, having glanced in our portfolio.

Do you want to learn about our opportunities more? Contact phone managers of the company. They will answer all your questions and will help to calculate the approximate cost of the pleasant design of the project of wooden house.