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The design of the apartment is, first of all, the help in the implementation of the difficult process of repair. Each idea or imagination introduced in the project needs to be developed and designed so that the room looked stylish and ergonomically. The team of designers, architects, and engineers of architecture and design studio “Simpeks Design” with pleasure will help you in that.

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Free consultation

If you are had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide you of all detailed consultations. Stages of performance of work.

Stages of work execution

The project of the apartment can divide all amount of works on design into stages. Project cost also depends on what stages are necessary to you. You undertake a part of cares or you assign everything to the professional company which will provide you a full range of services from development before realization.

The departure of the designer from an object is necessary for a general idea about the apartment. It is also best of all to carry out drawing up the specification, being directly in the territory where works on the ordered design project will be carried out. The designer initially prompts all nuances, reveals and defines the needs of the customer. Deciding at the initial stage on color scale and style of interior design, you considerably accelerate the process of development of the project.

Understanding the experiences of each customer, the company signs with you the contract for the development design of the project with which you will be able to get acquainted on demand. Guarantees and the registered terms considerably will raise your trust in our company. We are ready to execute even more than often we write in the contract that the client was satisfied and has addressed us again. The contract is signed proceeding from the specification on the basis of which the price is also formed. The annex to the contract is formed individually for each object.

After signing the contract the measure leaves on an object for exact measurement of the room. According to which the project will be done. The very frequent combination of rooms, re-planning play the role on square meters. The plan will be transferred to the program and only proceeding from it all further works will be carried out. Further, he will be brought in an album about design by the project.

The design of the project is developed on the basis of the specification and the customer's wishes. After several nuances and selections on style and materials, the designer does arrangement of furniture and if necessary re-planning. After the adoption of the planning solution, photorealistic 3D visualization on the basis of which all necessary drawings will be made is created. The design of the project also is a part of the specification of all materials and lighting fixtures which have entered the design of the project and also the sheet of finishing of the room. The exact estimate for repair work is formed when you have on hand a design for the project. Workers according to the drawings left on an object carry out repair of the room. The design of the project will help you to avoid mistakes and difficulties during the realization process.

Architectural supervision is supervision over observance of the project. The departure of the designer for an explanation of drawings, changes during the repair. Check the accuracy of an arrangement of plumbing fixtures, electricians, etc. The choice of finishing materials, furniture, a decor departure together with the designer (the number of departures makes a reservation). Technical supervision and supply aren't included in services of architectural supervision and make a reservation separately. The contract for conducting architectural supervision for a certain term is formed. Extra time and services registered in the additional agreement.

The realization design of the project is a closing stage whether on which the customer makes the decision to involve further the designer or to cope most. At first sight, a harmless repair can seem simple, but, having faced building, the customer, as a result, understands: without an expert who knows all processes of building the quality of these or those materials also is able to prompt councils for purchase of materials in time, not to cost him. The interior designer with the skilled foreman has to make your repair entertainment, but not torture.

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Advantages of working with us

The design studio “Simpeks Design”, working as a part of construction company Simpeks Group and trading company the Simpeks Trayd, is ready to provide you a full range of services from development before final implementation of the project. The optimum prices plus professionalism and united team with long-term experience are the main advantages of the company.



experience in the sphere of construction and design is more than 10 years

Optimum prices

Optimum prices

we work at the prices of direct suppliers of materials

Reasonable terms

Reasonable terms

always we make every effort for expeditious delivery of projects

High quality

High quality

high quality of materials, all works are performed by highly skilled personnel

Completed projects
Kyiv, Duplex apartment (150 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, Duplex apartment (150 sq.m.)
Kyiv, Duplex apartment (150 sq.m.) Design project 2020
Kyiv RC "Nivki Park", Victory Avenue, 67 (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv RC "Nivki Park", Victory Avenue, 67 (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv RC "Nivki Park", Victory Avenue, 67 (70 sq.m.) Design project 2019
Kyiv, RC "RiverStone", Dneprovskaya Embankment st., 14 (53 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kiev, RC "RiverStone", Dneprovskaya Embankment st., 14 (53 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "RiverStone", Dneprovskaya Embankment st., 14 (53 sq.m.) Design project 2020
MINI package
MINI package
Price: 400 UAH/sq.m View details
STANDARD package
STANDARD package
Price: 900 UAH/sq.m View details
Price: 900 900 UAH/sq.m View details
Package VIP
Package VIP
Price: 1300 UAH/sq.m View details

Individual miscalculation of your room

If you after acquaintance with the text had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide detailed consultations.

Additional services

Usually about the interior design of apartments clients are interested in such additional services as noise isolation, repair, a complete set which is a complex are provided by our studio.

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