Design of the nursery

It is necessary to approach the interior design of the nursery with as it is possible the greatest possible care, there will be a special, personal world of the child here.

It is better not to adapt the design of the nursery underage - it is necessary to make that the interior "grew" and I changed together with the child.

The nursery interior surely has to be divided into several functional zones: a zone of a dream and rest, a zone for study and creative occupations, the game and sports ground, the place for storage of things (modular cabinet furniture is more often).

The scope of the interior design of the nursery depends on the sex of the child. If children two, the boy and the girl, then it is necessary to choose a neutral color palette.

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Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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The design of the nursery is bright and functional

Creation of an interior indoors where there will live the child a task extraordinary. The small area needs to be divided into three zones of different functions. Not all parents will be able independently to cope with such work.

Do you want that to the child it was comfortable to have a rest, play and study? Entrust to develop design the project of the nursery to professionals of Simpeks Design studio. Thanks to the fact that our company cooperates with construction company Simpeks Group and the trading company Simpeks Trade we not only can create sketches of future interiors but also embody them in concrete rooms. You can order the design of the small nursery or spacious room for the girl or the turnkey boy from us.

The main reference points during the creation of the project

Developing design of nurseries, our experts consider that their interior has to change together with the age of the owner. If parents aren't ready to do repairs each 2-3 years, then we recommend stopping on the universal option of finishing. He will be suitable for the child of either and will be relevant both to the kid and to the teenager.

The important part in the registration of such rooms is assigned to the color scale. She is selected taking into account a child. Traditionally the design of the nursery for the boy is made out in blue or green tones, and in pink, peach, lilac for the girl. If in the family two kids are brought up, then for the finishing of the room use neutral colors more often.

However, the most important criterion considered when developing the project is functionality. As houses the child will spend the most part of the time, furniture has to be placed so that it was convenient to be engaged and nothing prevented playing.

Design of the nursery for the boy: nuances of his development

From the first days of life, the child needs own space. Therefore waiting for the birth of the kid parents think of will be the design of the children's bedroom. She can be issued in classical or modern style, but surely has to be:

  • light;
  • functional;
  • safe.

It is better to execute lighting in the room for the boy in the form of dot lamps with LED lamps. They give rather bright, but not aggressive light. The image of the star sky can become an excellent option of finishing for a ceiling, and as registration rolled curtains will be suitable for windows. Walls can be painted or pasted over with wall-paper. To create the interior design of the nursery, it is necessary to choose eco-friendly and, at the same time, capable to maintain all tricks of the little fidget materials.

Developing such a project, our experts consider that indoors the child will spend much time. Therefore it has to correspond to the tastes and character of the kid completely.

Design of the nursery for the girl

The main difference in the registration of premises for children of various floors is the color scheme. Usually, nurseries for girls have a brighter design, and in the decoration of the walls flower ornaments or drawings of amusing animals can be used.

Also, our experts consider that the decor is important for the interior of the bedroom of the little hostess. Therefore they introduce very original decisions in the projects, such as:

  • Painting of walls;
  • Beautiful night lamps;
  • Easy curtains from organza.

The room for two children

It is the most difficult to develop the design of the nursery for two children. In this case, it is necessary to consider the preferences of each child and to plan space so that everyone had worked also a berth, but the general game zone.

But even specialists of our studio cope with this task very successfully. In their portfolio, there are many interesting works of this plan that allows each client to find the option conforming to individual requirements.

Ordering from us design of the nursery for two children you can not doubt that the room will look modern not one more years. At the same time, the situation can be easily transformed in process of growth of the child.

Nurseries which design is developed by the staff of the studio of Simpeks Design will provide the best conditions for rest, but at the same time in them, the place for study and games will be surely thought over.