Two-room apartment

The two-room apartment is the most widespread and demanded type of apartment where the ideal balance between the cost of housing and the square is observed.

When developing the interior design of the two-room apartment it is necessary to study it so that all main zones of the room haven't lost the main functionality.

Space has to be organized most ergonomically. In most cases plannings of apartments in old houses don't conform to the requirements of the comfort of the customer, then it is necessary to do the correct arrangement of furniture and allocation of functional zones. If planning can't be improved in any way, then re-planning can become an exit. The truth at re-planning of the apartment is several important nuances: it is necessary to consider the year of construction of the building, material of the bearing and not bearing designs, engineering networks.

Completed projects
Kyiv RC "Nivki Park", Victory Avenue, 67 (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv RC "Nivki Park", Victory Avenue, 67 (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv RC "Nivki Park", Victory Avenue, 67 (70 sq.m.) Design project 2019
Kyiv, st. Dragomirova 69, RC "Novopecherskie Lipki" (55 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, st. Dragomirova 69, RC "Novopecherskie Lipki" (55 sq.m.)
Kyiv, st. Dragomirova 69, RC "Novopecherskie Lipki" (55 sq.m.) Design project 2019
Kyiv, RC "Malachite" st. Bogdanovskaya, 7-A (74 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Malachite" st. Bogdanovskaya, 7-A (74 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Malachite" st. Bogdanovskaya, 7-A (74 sq.m.) Design project 2019
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Design of the two-room: from the project before realization!

The most widespread type of housing for small families is the two-room. Developing her design a difficult task as there is a set of interesting options of planning. Address to Simpeks Design, and we will help you to make a modern, functional and beautiful apartment.

Design of the two-room apartment: what options we offer?

Each room has the distinctive features:

  • year of construction of the house;
  • arrangement of bearing walls;
  • quantity of door and window openings;
  • features of laying the utilities.

All of them are surely considered when developing the project and impose certain restrictions for the choice of the option of re-planning. However, except for the characteristics of the room, it is important for the experts to develop the design of a two-room apartment to pay attention to and to the number of residents. Each family member has to have a personal space.

As for the style of an interior, his choice depends on the personal preferences of the owner of housing. Also, on the solution of this task certain restrictions impose technical features of the room.

If you have not ideas concerning the registration of premises, then they to you will be offered by our experts. In a portfolio of the studio, there are various options of design of the two-room. Having got acquainted with them, it will be simple for you to decide on a style for the housing.

We will help you to make the house very cozy and beautiful!

Developing the author's design of the project of the two-room apartment, we consider both characteristics of rooms and the requirement of owners. At choice, it is provided to each customer several options of planning and style that allows stopping on the best decision. It can be not only the classical but also modern ethnic or minimalistic directions.

If the design of the apartment two-room in the style of Art deco or techno remains relevant for 5-10 years, then classics are convenient to what exists out of time. This style will be popular and for hundreds of years. Therefore most customers choose this style.

How to order the project from us?

To develop the design of two-room apartments - a responsible task which should be trusted only to professionals. Having addressed to our studio, you can count not only on the creation of the project. Being in close partnership with the construction and trading company, we provide the performance of all stages: from the development of sketches before the purchase of materials and the performance of repair work.

How to become our client you learn, having called by the contact phones specified on the website or having written on e-mail. Managers of the studio will answer all questions interesting to you and will give necessary consultation on the choice of style for your housing.