Three-room apartment

The three-room apartment is valid a dilemma for any designer. Big spaces give the chance to embody the most courageous desires and extraordinary decisions. A good design project of the three-bedroom apartment requires a lot of time, such rooms large-size and to their registration, the mass of requirements are imposed.

One of the most important tasks when developing the interior design of the three-room apartment to observe the chosen style in each room therefore without a professional designer to make it very difficult.

Before the development of interior design, it is necessary to define: quantity and age of residents, their requirements, and interests rationally to use all areas of the apartment.

Completed projects
Bucha, RC "Millennium" (98 sq.m.) Watch Project
Bucha, RC "Millennium" (98 sq.m.)
Bucha, RC "Millennium" (98 sq.m.) Design project 2020
Irpin, RC "Central" (112 sq.m.) Watch Project
Irpin, RC "Central" (112 sq.m.)
Irpin, RC "Central" (112 sq.m.) Design project 2019
Kyiv, RC "Dynasty" (140 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Dynasty" (140 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Dynasty" (140 sq.m.) Design project 2019
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Design of the three-room apartment

The company Simpeks Design brings to your attention the original design of the apartment. The choice of style, color scale, furniture, and household appliances will depend on the size of rooms and the customer's wishes. We will cope with the big area and we will create a coziness. Carefully developing the design project of a three-room apartment, we emphasize the advantages of the room and create a pleasant interior.

We offer the most popular styles:

  • modernist style;
  • hi-tech;
  • constructivism;
  • minimalism.

Design of the 3 bedroomed: styles

The modernist style assumes the use of natural materials (wood, fabrics, ceramics), patterns and curved forms, stained-glass windows, and slightly. The muffled light emphasizing features of an interior is relevant. Wooden furniture, a large number of elaborate flower patterns, elements of decor, lamps. The modernist style has united many styles and directions therefore a wide choice of facing and decorative materials is available, to furniture. An important point is the compliance of separate elements to complete the color scale. We will be developing the ergonomic and original design of the three-room, you need to watch a photo of ready objects on our website ("Portfolio").

Hi-tech is very fresh and isn't monotonous. Use of modern material, furniture, innovative equipment, bright lighting, distinctive features hi-tech. Also, the simplicity of geometrical forms is characteristic, it is a lot of metal, plastic, the glasses which are built-in ceiling lamps. Walls and a ceiling are monotonous, preferably unostentatious light tones with minimum decor. The design of the three-room in hi-tech style will be suitable for fans of comfort, space, and the present.

Constructivism assumes free space, several contrast colors of an interior: white and black with a small amount of metal or gray shades, red and yellow, etc. A basic element of decor a picture. Walls are monotonous that visually expand space. As finishing materials use actually the same, as in hi-tech. Furniture has to be compact and functional, correspond to the general color scale.

The minimalism assumes geometrical simplicity of forms, light tone, and free space due to the limited quantity of furniture and elements of decor. The design of the apartment 3bed room in style minimalism will manage rather cheap, at the same time the room will be light and spacious.

Do you have a three-room apartment, and interior design which will provide comfort and aesthetic pleasure with own house is necessary for you?

Call us according to the number on the website, we will provide a free consultation and we will professionally change your room!