Design of the house

The design of the house is a creation of a cosiness and heat for owners. The designer tries to make the project interesting and unique. Each detail in the house is thought over and developed proceeding from the customer's wishes. Architects and designers of studio of design Simpeks Design will make design the project of the house in which it will be always pleasant to return and invite guests.

Free consultation

If you are had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide you of all detailed consultations. Stages of performance of work.

Stages of work execution

Amount of works on performance of design of the project of the house can be divided into stages. Project cost also depends on what stages are necessary to you. You undertake a part of cares or you assign everything to the professional company which will provide you a full range of services from development before realization.

Departure of the designer on an object is necessary to receive the general ideas of the apartment and to estimate the volume of the planned works. It is expedient to carry out drawing up the specification directly in the territory where works according to the ordered design project will be performed. The designer initially tells about all nuances, reveals and estimates the customer's wishes. Having chosen color scale and style of interior design at the initial stage, you considerably accelerate process of development of the project.

Understanding experiences of each customer, the company provides you the contract for development of the design project which you will be able to study on demand. Guarantees and the registered terms of performance of work considerably will increase your trust to us. We are ready to execute even a little bigger amount of works, than it is specified in the contract. As a result the client will remain happy and will address us again. The contract is signed proceeding from the specification on the basis of which the price is formed. The annex to the contract is formed individually for each object.

After signing of the contract the measurer leaves on an object for exact measurement of the room according to which the project will be done. In practice combination of rooms and/or re-planning therefore room metric area changes often meets (the area in square meters). The Obmerochny plan will be transferred to the program and on the basis of these data and all further works will be performed. Further data of measurements will be entered in an album about design by the project.

The design the project is developed on the basis of the specification and the customer's wishes. After specification of nuances and a selection of style and materials the designer carries out arrangement of furniture and if necessary re-planning of the room. After the adoption of planning solution it is created photorealistic 3D - visualization on the basis of which all necessary drawings will be made. The specification of all materials and lighting fixtures which are used in the design project and also the sheet of finishing of the room also is a part of the design project. The exact estimate for repair work is formed after the customer holds the design project. On the basis of the drawings made under a concrete object, workers make repairs of the room. Existence of the design project will help you to avoid mistakes and difficulties during implementation of the project.

- Departure of the designer for an explanation of drawings, changes during repair. (The number of departures makes a reservation in the contract)

- Check of accuracy of an arrangement of plumbing fixtures, electricians, etc.

- The choice of finishing materials, furniture, a decor, departure together with the designer.

Technical supervision and supply aren't included into services of architectural supervision and make a reservation separately. The contract for conducting architectural supervision for a certain term is formed. Extra time and services register in the additional agreement.

Realization design of the project is a closing stage on which the customer makes the decision: whether to involve further the designer or to perform all works by own efforts. At first sight, harmless repair can seem simple. However, having faced nuances of installation and construction works, the customer as a result understands that not to do him without expert with knowledge not only all processes of building, but also quality of the used materials. Such expert will be able to prompt in time what materials need to be bought. The interior designer together with the skilled foreman will undertake all cares on implementation of the project.

Advantages of working with us

Studio of design Simpeks Design, working as a part of construction company and Simpeks Group construction and the trading company Simpekstreyd, it is ready to provide you a full range of services from development before final implementation of the project. The optimum prices plus professionalism and united collective with long-term experience are the main advantages of the company.



experience in the sphere of construction and design is more than 10 years

Optimum prices

Optimum prices

we work at the prices of direct suppliers of materials

Reasonable terms

Reasonable terms

always we make every effort for expeditious delivery of projects

High quality

High quality

high quality of materials, all works are performed by highly skilled personnel

Completed projects
vil. Gatnoe, Private house (500 sq.m.) Watch Project
vil. Gatnoe, Private house (500 sq.m.)
vil. Gatnoe, Private house (500 sq.m.) Design project 2021
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.) Watch Project
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.)
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.) Design project 2020
Kyiv City, Townhouse (258 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv City, Townhouse (258 sq.m.)
Kyiv City, Townhouse (258 sq.m.) Design project 2020
MINI package
MINI package
Price: 400 UAH/sq.m View details
STANDARD package
STANDARD package
Price: 900 UAH/sq.m View details
Price: 900 900 UAH/sq.m View details
Package VIP
Package VIP
Price: 1300 UAH/sq.m View details

Individual miscalculation of your room

If you after acquaintance with the text had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide detailed consultations.

Additional services

With service the design of the house often all is asked by additional services of our company for implementation of the project.

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Design of the house: comfort and an esthetics in each detail

It is pleasant to feel like the owner of a fine country cottage which exterior and an interior one unique whole. However, for achievement of such result will melt need to order design the project of the house. The Simpeks Design studio offers creation of an interior and exterior of a country house, giving or a cottage in various style decisions. We will successfully execute the project both small on room space, and the whole mansion.

Why the design stage is so important

The project is very important as before repair work, it is necessary to plan correctly placement of engineering, to understand a look and to count amount of finishing materials, to think over lighting and economy on various reconstruction.

Developing internal and external design of a country house, we consider your wishes on color scale, style and also feature of an environment and adjacent territories. An important role is played by not only the next constructions, but also a landscape. Therefore you shouldn't consider the cottage as a separate object, he needs to be perceived as a part of ensemble. That it looked a whole with the surrounding area a little simply to order design of the private house, it is necessary to embody still competently it by means of construction and repair team of experts.

Having addressed to Simpeks Design studio, you choose one contractor, but you receive the whole complex of services. We cooperate with construction company therefore we will manage to develop design of the house inside, his facade and qualitatively to introduce these ideas. Our complex of services will allow your cottage to become the real ornament against the background of surrounding buildings.

Structure exterior: efficiency and multifunctionality

The design of a facade isn't less important, than an interior. That your cottage looked good inside and outside entrust his development to us. Long-term practice in a complex with creative approach allow our experts to achieve impressive results.

Having decided to order a house exterior from us, you can count on:

  • economy at implementation of the project;
  • help in the choice and purchase of materials and elements of a decor;
  • stylistic unity of the building and the area surrounding him;
  • high-quality performance of construction and repair work;

The house to which there is always a wish to return

It is important that the atmosphere in premises was in harmony with inner world of owners. It has to be pleasant to you to come back home and spend free time there. Therefore we very scrupulously approach registration of each room. Developing the thought-over project of an interior of a country house, we pay special attention:

  • to finishing;
  • to selection of color schemes;
  • to lighting;
  • to decor elements;
  • furniture.

As for stylistics, it can be any: from strict classical to romantic Shabby Chic or modern minimalism. At the same time you can see examples of design of the house on a photo from our catalog. We are in love with the business and are ready to realize any non-standard tasks. You call to discuss order details design of the project of the house, the cost and other moments interesting you.