Design of an exterior

Good submission of the architectural project increases its cost several times.

To see the future house and the territory adjoining to it you will be able, having ordered service of design of an exterior or design of a facade from Simpeks Design studio.

Based on the wishes of the customer and the chosen style, we will offer you several best options, considering the cost of desirable finishing and, proceeding from the budget which makes a reservation in advance.

Free consultation

If you are had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide you of all detailed consultations. Stages of performance of work.

Stages of work execution

The scope of work on the implementation of the exterior can be divided into stages. Properly planned work will lead to quick and high-quality results.

The specification is an important part of the development of an exterior. The complexity of works, terms, and price policy is determined by the specification. At this stage, the customer stipulates the style of an exterior, the adjacent territory, lighting with the designer.

1. Drawings of facades or natural measurements.

2. Photos of facades.

3. The scheme of distributing electricians (if it is executed).

4. Samples of materials for finishing (if are available).

5. The plan of the site with sizes and the put constructions

The very important part, drawing up the contract for the development of an exterior. Everything that you receive for your money and also terms and guarantees registers in him.

The departure of the architect on an object is necessary for the assessment of the territory. It is possible to do without departure if the customer provides the project.

American, English, Gothic, European, Italian, Classical, Minimalism, Modernist style, German, Norwegian, Provence, Rococo, Russian estate, Northern modernist style, Scandinavian, Modern, Mediterranean, Medieval, Fakhverk, Hi-tech, Chalet, Swedish, Dutch, Romance, Czech, etc. Only it is necessary for you will decide on the style.

The key technical indicators characterizing the space-planning solution of a house are the building area, total structural volume, and also living and total area.

Architectural visualization allows to receive the photorealistic image of the future projects, to estimate expenses, to choose that option that will approach finance more.

After visualization, the architect will develop to you a full package of drawings for implementation of the conceived construction. More about stages of the project you watch "Design" in our section of services.

Advantages of working with us

Studio of design Simpeks Design, working as a part of Simpeks Group construction company and the Simpeks Trade trading company, is ready to provide you a full range of services from development before final implementation of the project.

The optimum prices plus professionalism and united collective with long-term experience are the main advantages of the company.



experience in the sphere of construction and design is more than 10 years

Optimum prices

Optimum prices

we work at the prices of direct suppliers of materials

Reasonable terms

Reasonable terms

always we make every effort for expeditious delivery of projects

High quality

High quality

high quality of materials, all works are performed by highly skilled personnel

Completed projects
Irpin city. Women's clothing boutique. Watch Project
Irpin city. Women's clothing boutique.
Irpin city. Women's clothing boutique. Design project 2020
Office building in Pechersk. Watch Project
Office building in Pechersk.
Office building in Pechersk. Design project 2018
Canadian village Watch Project
Canadian village
Canadian village Design project 2018


Individual miscalculation of your room

If you after acquaintance with the text had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide detailed consultations.

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Ideal design of the exterior of the house. It is simple and economical if to trust in professionals

The correct and faultless design of an exterior is an integral part of the project before construction of the house and finishing works. But how to make everything so that eyes rejoiced at the sight of your possession? The team of specialists of Simpeks Design studio precisely knows how to make everything it is ideal. We will easily create the project of an exterior:

  • The private house intended for year-round housing;
  • Summer lodge in which it is possible to have a rest comfortably in the summer;
  • Dachas, which mission summer holiday and occupation gardening;
  • The residence assuming the impressive area;
  • The cottage is equipped, as a rule, with extensions: bath or sauna, pool, and garage.

Everyone who is engaged in the construction of the house or a cottage wants to see in advance how his future possession, in reality, will look. At the same time, it would be desirable to visualize not only the house but also the territory adjoining it with street lighting. Designers of Simpeks Design studio are ready to offer you high-quality color and photorealistic visualization of an object. The design of an exterior (a photo in 3D) will allow seeing your house in a complete look. Such viewing will allow correcting something, to add or remove, if necessary.

The design of an exterior means creation of all external designs of the building, including a facade, decor elements, lighting. The project created by experts will provide compliance to your esthetic tastes and an exact miscalculation of necessary materials.

Good design of facades of houses that which fully corresponds to lifestyle, habits, and character of its owners. For the successful person, as a rule, comfort plays an important role. A problem of an interior and an exterior of the housing to create coziness.

How the design of a facade is created?

Certainly, everything begins with the fact that you call in our studio and you speak about the preferences. Further acquaintance, coordination of package services, signing of the contract, and realization of your ideas and wishes in the project of an exterior are necessary. The design of facades of buildings and the adjacent territory means such stages:

  • Collecting data and information, important for the creation of design;
  • Acquaintance with drawings;
  • Determination of style of an exterior of a country house;
  • Development of several options of a facade;
  • Discussion and coordination with the customer of the sketch;
  • Creation of the plan of lighting;
  • Creation of the sketch with decor elements;
  • Selection and coordination of finishing materials;
  • Day and night visualization of the project;
  • Production of the drawing of the project.

Any design the project of a facade is created in cooperation with the client.

We will consider all your desires and we will realize the ideas, having thought over details from the professional point of view.

You can call us right now and order the design of a facade, the project price at the same time depends on the package of services chosen by you, the area of the building. Address us that process of creation of a facade became the simplest, economically favorable, and really successful.