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Completed projects
Kyiv, Cafe Island in the mall Watch Project
Kyiv, Cafe - Island in the mall
Kyiv, Cafe Island in the mall Design project 2020
Irpin, Confectionery shop Watch Project
Irpin, Confectionery shop
Irpin, Confectionery shop Design project 2018
Dnipro, Cafe (160 sq.m.) Watch Project
Dnipro, Cafe (160 sq.m.)
Dnipro, Cafe (160 sq.m.) Design project 2017
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The competitive and memorable design of the cafe.

His success in many respects depends on the external and interior decor of an institution. This simple truth is known to owners of the restaurant business. Attentive guests notice all trifles in registration as each detail influences their comfort. And the reputation of your institution always depends on the responses and approval of visitors. About design the project from Simpeks Design your guests will come back to you again and again.

The staff of Simpeks Design studio, developing the design of the project of the restaurant, are guided by the needs of visitors, and before the creation of the project study portraits of your potential guests. It helps to avoid mistakes and to focus the design on the necessary audience.

The harmonious design of the restaurant. What secrets?

To develop the perfect project of bar or cafe a task not simple, but very interesting to the designer. That an institution became cozy, was allocated with exclusive and unique registration, our employees should involve all the accumulated knowledge and experience and also special approaches. The creative view of things helps to create a unique interior design of a restaurant. At the same time it is considered:

  • specifics of an institution (from small coffee houses to prestigious restaurants);
  • image of the future visitor;
  • the menu of the offered dishes and drinks.

For example, the interior in the east style has the characteristics and secrets of a combination of geometry and light which set the atmosphere. The restraint and laconicism with a highlight are inherent in an institution with European cuisine. Developing the design of the bar, we try to emphasize all features and the unique idea which will favorably distinguish you against the background of competitors.

We know that the tasty kitchen and the memorable interior are the main components of success both for an elite institution and for a small cafe. Therefore, creating the projects, we carefully select each detail. It is easy to be convinced of it, having seen the design of the cafe on a photo from our catalogs. In them, the best works of staff of Simpeks Design studio are collected.

Registration of seasonal and children's institutions

We always apply a unique approach, developing the interior design of any cafe:

  • pass cafe which registration usually provides a compact bar counter and a zone with little tables;
  • children's cafe, with spacious planning, playgrounds, and increased requirements to safety;
  • summer cafe where it is important to correct to organize free space for the comfort of guests and free movement of service personnel.

Our projects guarantee the maximum convenience and the atmosphere disposing to rest.

It is possible to order the design of the restaurant from us by one of our contact phones. You call to agree about a meeting. The Simpeks Design studio cooperates with the construction company therefore we offer also the qualified embodiment of the projects. We are ready to create for you the creative design of a restaurant in Kyiv and to help with the development of the key ideas of registration which will result in your business in success and prosperity.