Home construction

Don't know where to start building a house?

The entire work plan for the construction of a cottage, professional assistance of designers from Simpeks Design, and a team of builders is at your service! It all starts with your dreams, thoughts, and imaginations. Our designer will create in the 3D format the perfect country house with a magnificent modern exterior and interior.

Every little thing will be carefully drawn, and you can already see your future home, walk around the rooms, feel the atmosphere and, if necessary, make changes.

When the design project is agreed upon, an estimate is made. We provide qualified assistance at every stage of construction, help to select and profitably purchase the necessary building and finishing materials, furniture, decor.

A competently drawn up and detailed project from our specialists is a guarantee of high-quality performance of work by a team of builders.

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If you after reading the text still have questions, you can ask our consultants. Within an hour, the company's employees will contact you and provide detailed advice.

Stages of work execution

The entire scope of construction work can be divided into small stages. This allows you to more accurately control labor costs and time of work.

The budgeting phase is the very first and most important.

It is at this stage that all measurements are performed and the Customer is determined with the types of work.

Advantages of working with us

If you after reading the text still have questions, you can ask our consultants. Within an hour, the company's employees will contact you and provide detailed advice.

Completed projects
Glukhov, Cottage Watch Project
Glukhov, Cottage
Glukhov, Cottage Design project
vil. Lesniki, Cottage Watch Project
vil. Lesniki, Cottage
vil. Lesniki, Cottage Design project
Bucha City. Private house Watch Project
Bucha City. Private house
Bucha City. Private house Design project
MINI package
MINI package
Price: 400 UAH/sq.m View details
STANDARD package
STANDARD package
Price: 900 UAH/sq.m View details
Price: 900 900 UAH/sq.m View details
Package VIP
Package VIP
Price: 1300 UAH/sq.m View details

Individual calculation of your premises

If you after reading the text still have questions, you can ask our consultants. Within an hour, the company's employees will contact you and provide detailed advice.

Additional services

Usually, along with construction, visitors order other related services, perhaps they will also interest you.

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Build a turnkey house - many possibilities with a minimum of worries

Cottage construction is difficult and rather troublesome. Without the help of professionals, it is almost impossible to independently realize your dream of a country house. The specialists of the Simpeks Design studio are ready to help you build a building from scratch, no matter what scale of work you start. With us, the serious and laborious construction of cottages and country houses will be easy and fast.

You can order both an individual project and implement your own. Qualified construction teams of the Simpeks Group company will perform all work efficiently and on time.

Turnkey construction of houses in Kyiv: new technologies and reliability

The construction of private housing is gaining momentum. Its popularity is due to the fact that many people want to have their own cozy corner, where there is a lot of personal space for all family members. Regardless of whether you are planning the construction of a country house, large in area with luxury apartments, or a small dacha from the category of economy class, the best option would be to order a turnkey service.

This will save yourself from unnecessary fuss, wasted time and unpredictable expenses.

The construction of a house in this way will be carried out with maximum cost savings, inexpensively and with a quality guarantee, since the design and estimate will be carried out by competent specialists.

The list of services provided by Simpeks Design studio includes:

  • Development of an architectural project;
  • Turnkey construction of houses;
  • Development and implementation of the interior of the building;
  • Finishing work.

Also, clients are offered landscape improvement of the territory of country houses. In addition, the company provides overhaul services for both elite cottages and middle class housing.

Low prices for the construction of a country house make cooperation with us affordable for the general population.

Our organization has an impressive experience of successful activities in the construction industry, has all the licenses, qualified personnel and modern equipment to carry out the construction of low-rise buildings with high quality.

Together with you, we will turn all dreams of your own home into reality.

How to build a private house inexpensively

The idea of owning a home depends on financial capabilities.

Therefore, the cost of building a house is one of the most pressing issues. How to get affordable but high quality housing?

Home construction prices depend on the following aspects:

  • The complexity of the project;
  • Materials used;
  • Technologies used for the construction of one-story houses.

In any case, the specialists of the Simpeks Design studio will perform an individual cost estimate. But it must be borne in mind that the low price for building a house, to which many are striving, is not always justified and can lead to problems in the subsequent operation of housing.

We recommend to our customers the optimal combination of cost, reasonable terms and high quality.

Building your dream house with Simpeks Design studio
If you want to have your own fabulous corner and are looking for someone to help create it at an affordable price, then contacting our company will be the right decision. For many years we have been engaged in the design and construction of country houses, country cottages.

Even when creating future housing on paper, all the wishes of the client are taken into account.

In the future, all stages of building a house are agreed with the owner, and for you this process becomes even exciting.

You decide on your wishes, and we take care of the rest. You do not have to look for a house building company on your own, deliver materials and other troubles. Call to ask us the remaining questions, we give advice completely free of charge.