Eco-hotel made of clay and wood in Ukraine.

In the construction of the eco-hotel, only natural materials and time-tested technologies were used.

 The owners call it the most environmentally, friendly and natural hotel in Ukraine.
Eco-hotel is created exclusively from biodegradable materials: wood, clay, reed, and shell rock.

This type of housing is called "adobe".
The construction technology is old, it was used by our ancestors when they built hut houses.

The furniture at Friend House was designed in conjunction with the building. All of them are wooden, even the sinks in the bathrooms.
Instead of windows, there are round holes in the walls.
The rooms have plenty of natural light and fresh air.

The hotel is very comfortable: it has hot water, comfortable beds, internet.
The area of the hotel is 1750 sq. m. and is located on three hectares of protected forest!