Economy renovation from our studio is a professional choice of materials and high quality of work performed.

Relying on extensive experience in the construction industry, we are ready to offer you the best specialists in their field, masters in any type of renovation work.
We have long established partnerships with manufacturing plants and exclusive suppliers, so our prices for building materials plus significant discounts will be a pleasant bonus for you.
We provide an individual estimate for each room and, if necessary, adjust according to your wishes.

When ordering economy repairs from our company, you can make sure that it is quite possible to make repairs inexpensively.

You can be sure that you will fit into your budget. All work will be performed in accordance with the signed contract.

The Simpeks Group company guarantees the high quality of the work performed and provides support at any stage of the interior design of your premises!

Stages of work execution

Advantages of working with us

If you after reading the text still have questions, you can ask our consultants. Within an hour, the company's employees will contact you and provide detailed advice.

Completed projects
Kyiv city. RC Grunwald Watch Project
Kyiv city. RC Grunwald
Kyiv city. RC Grunwald Object 2015
Brick houses
Price: from 3000 UAH/m2 View details
Wooden houses
Wooden houses
Price: from 1800 UAH/m2 View details
Frame houses
Frame houses
Price: from 2000 UAH/m2 View details
Techno at home
Techno at home
Price: from 5000 UAH/m2 View details

Author's supervision

Price: 400 UAH/m2


Price: 300 UAH/m2


Price: 2500 UAH

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Repair "Economy"

     Apartment renovation is usually expensive.

We offer the optimal solution for a small budget with a pleasant design. Simpeks Design company works in Kiev, you can see our practical solutions in the “Portfolio” section.

Apartment renovation economy is suitable for those who do not need to major changes. If the location and condition of utilities are in order and there is no need for redevelopment of the building, then you can do without large-scale dismantling and installation work. It is enough to carry out cosmetic repairs, giving the apartment freshness and modernity.
Economy class turnkey repair involves minor installation of utilities and plumbing, the use of simple material with a minimum number of decorative elements.

Economical apartment renovation consists of several stages. To begin with, they are determined with the size of the room, drawing up a floor plan and forming the future design.
Then the specialists prepare the work surfaces by cleaning them from the old cladding. After filling the cleaned surfaces, a new facing is applied. At the end, proceed with the installation of the floor. An economical repair option provides, if necessary, dismantling and replacing doors and windows.

It is important not only to carry out the repair work correctly, but also to choose the color scheme. Furniture and appliances should fit into the interior, contrasting with the overall design or merging with the palette. It is very important to think over every element of the interior in order to form a pleasant design.

Apartment renovation "Economy"

Apartment renovation on a turnkey basis of economy class consists in simplicity and comfort for the owners with minimal costs.

We carry out a good deal of plumbing, finishing, installation and dismantling works, the volume of which forms the total cost.

For example, the following series of works is being carried out:

  • Wallpapering or painting surfaces;
  • Plaster;
  • Wall cladding with tiles or other material;
  • Laying material on the floor (laminate, linoleum, carpet);
  • Dismantling of plumbing equipment;
  • Installation of sockets, switches and lighting devices.

The cost of repair services for economy depends on the choice of additional material by the customer.

Simpeks Design will help you make cost-effective renovations, ensuring your comfort and costs below the market average.

Thanks to the work of an experienced team, the repairs will take place quickly, and the design of the apartment will delight you for a long time. For more information, call us at the number indicated on the main page of the site.