Design of dressing rooms

Each of us can face a problem of placement and storage of things in the apartment or the house. The equipment of the certain room for storage of all this property the wardrobe room becomes the most optimal solution of such situation.

Competent arrangement of the wardrobe room gives the chance as fast as possible to bring order to the apartment, to get rid of bulky cases.

When developing the interior design of the wardrobe room it is necessary to distribute space very rationally. An important factor is ergonomics. It is necessary to consider the habits of owners, their tenor of life, and also anthropometric indicators.

At the correct organization of space of the wardrobe or economic room, it is possible to place many things and objects. The wardrobe can consist of cases, racks, dressers, various shelves, and boxes.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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Design of the ergonomic wardrobe room

Creation of such rooms in the apartment at all not a luxury, but a way to make housing is cozier. Having exempted the area from excess furniture, use space to own taste. It is remarkable that the design of wardrobe rooms doesn't demand the huge area of the apartment at all.

Experience of masters of Simpeks Design helps to find the necessary option even for the small apartment or the house. Designers will plan the room so that dressers, regiments, cases didn't overload space, and have been distributed evenly. At the same time as partitions both sliding systems, and ordinary walls can be applied.

Small wardrobe rooms happen and 4 sq.m, at the same time remain capacious that confirm our design projects. Instead of one big room for warehousing of all things, it is more convenient to make several small for each member of the household. The design of the wardrobe room of the small size, on condition of the certain room allocated for it, is almost boundless. The built-in designs which are applied by us allow disposing of each centimeter of the area competently.

Previously you need to think over where and as it is more convenient to you to store things. Can be applied:

  • baskets from a grid;
  • boxes of the different size;
  • sliding capacities;
  • hangers;
  • arms;
  • regiments.

The quantity of elements has to correspond to the number of accessories and clothes.

The following wardrobe rooms which design projects we developed more than once are most convenient and demanded:

  • ordinary expanded case (along walls mini-dresses and racks are established);
  • expansion frames on which the necessary number of shelves, hangers, boxes, etc. is mounted.

Often act as material for finishing: tree, textiles, glass, interline interval, plastic, laminate.

Design of the small wardrobe room

Competently exposed light is very important in wardrobe, especially for women. The design of the angular wardrobe room often assumes the existence of a window. It is the best option as it is better to select things in daylight.

In other cases we will carry out installation and construction works so that it is correct to arrange different types of lamps. Our experience says that it is better to place them at several levels. At the request of the customer, the room will be equipped with night economical illumination.

Designers of the Simpeks Design company will plan space so that wardrobe ideally I fitted into the room and was comfortable in use. For safe use of the top regiments a short flight of stairs is provided.

We don't propose standard solutions. Each wardrobe room, her design, is created for you and is always individual. The designer thinks over height, an arrangement of shelves, lockers, and hangers under the owner of the apartment. Designers and masters accurately are guided by the tasks set by you.

We offer non-standard and ergonomic concepts which do rooms capacious, safe, beautiful. The designer and the designer make the estimate of construction works where calculations for furniture, materials, and cost of repair work enter.

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