Drawing rooms, Halls

The drawing room is a hallmark of each house. The creation of a comfortable and cozy atmosphere happens a difficult task here. Usually, a drawing room is the biggest room in the house or the apartment because her space has to be multipurpose.

The drawing room can sometimes be combined with other rooms: kitchen, hall, balcony.
The project of the interior design of a drawing room is a reflection of the owner, it emphasizes his identity and taste.

The drawing room is the vacation spot of all family, a meeting and reception of guests, therefore, the interior has to promote this quiet and weakened atmosphere. The fireplace or the TV can be the main accent in the interior of the room.

The basic principles during the creation of an interior of a drawing-room the comfort, functionality, and style.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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The interior design of a drawing room

Simpeks Design is engaged in the development of an interior for all rooms of the apartment and the house. Well, thought over the design of drawing rooms will provide coziness and pleasant rest. An important point in the creation of an interior is the choice of style which will allow disclosing all advantages of the room, to visually expand limited space. The design project of a drawing-room depends on the budget of the customer.

We offer the most popular styles:

  • minimalism;
  • hi-tech;
  • Provence;
  • modernist style;

Design of a small drawing room

Minimalism provides strict geometrical forms, existence only of the most necessary. Practically there are no decor elements, the use of a narrow color palette is characteristic. The room in that case has to be the most spacious, ordered, and well lit. The minimalism will provide the pleasant design of a small drawing room and will keep enough space. The material of facing of walls the paint, wall-paper, a ceiling tension and plasterboard with the built-in lamps, most often put laminate, linoleum or a tile on a floor. The design of a drawing-room in style minimalism assumes the existence only of the most necessary and compact furniture: functional case or wall, chairs, sofa, coffee table.

The style hi-tech assumes the most modern interior design of a drawing-room. The palette of the color of surfaces is generally presented white, black, and gray, however, in a decor several bright and saturated colors are allowed. Hi-tech has incorporated all possible novelties of design of a drawing-room as in a priority there is a modern furniture and the equipment. For finishing the tree, metal, glass, a stone is used preferably (natural or artificial). Walls cover the wall-paper, paint. It will be also good to look partial facing of walls a decorative stone. For a floor the parquet board, laminate, or a tile, a ceiling-suspended or tension is selected, installation of rack or metal designs is possible. Your drawing room will be light and spacious because interior design in style hi-tech doesn't love a heap and dimness.

The modernist style and hi-tech can be combined easily: a large amount of light, maximum of free space and strict color palette, convenient and functional furniture. Interior design in that case not heated up by excess elements, the drawing-room takes a modern and spacious form.

Provence assumes a large amount of light, use only of natural materials, it is a lot of trees, in a palette white color and mainly light tone prevails. The ideas of design of a drawing room and decor in style Provence are very different: the symbiosis of flowers on solar window sills and refined textiles, bright pictures. Furniture preferably antiquarian or ancient. Walls, as well as a ceiling, trim with textured plaster or a tree.

Design of a drawing room with a fireplace

Modernist style well is in harmony with a fireplace. In color, scales are preferable warm pastel tone, for finishing the tree is more often used. Walls it is possible to paint, polite on them wall-paper with the fabric invoice. Patterns on surfaces in the form of plants or animals emphasize the design of a drawing-room in modernist style. For a covering of a floor use laminate or a parquet board, it is the best of all to trim a ceiling with plaster, marble, stone, or natural wood. As for furniture, the severity of forms is canceled: smooth lines and round backs.

We will create a pleasant interior design and your drawing room will become a comfortable place for long pastime. You call according to the number on the website. We provide a free consultation to each client. Trust the design of a drawing-room only to professionals!