Green Glue

Green Glue: 98% increase in sound insulation

Green Glue is applied in a layer between two sheets of any commonly used wall building material.

This is mainly drywall. Due to its extremely low viscosity, the material can be applied from a standard spray gun, and when the sheets are compressed, it spreads easily over the entire surface.


Today's sound insulation technologies use a variety of sound-absorbing materials as wall cladding. However, such kinds of inserts do not guarantee a sufficient level of insulation along the joints of adjacent structures, such as wall - floor, wall - ceiling,

In contrast, Green  Glue most fully fills the space between wall panels, which virtually eliminates the penetration of noise through the joints.

In addition, this material is fireproofed and does not have a negative impact on the environment, since it does not contain formaldehyde, it is environmentally friendly!


Green Glue is recommended for use in new construction as well as in the renovation or modernization of existing residential, administrative, and industrial buildings.