The Hi-tech style in design

The style hi-tech is a style of the most advanced technologies. There is an abundance of various modern equipment, transforming furniture, chrome-plated surfaces, and glass. Everything has to be functional and technical.

The indispensable condition - is a lot of light, both natural, and artificial. In interiors, hi-tech is often used multilevel illumination of ceilings, furniture, steps, and even a floor. Primary colors - white, silvery gray, metal.

The drawing room in style hi-tech is merged into the kitchen and divide by means of a bar counter (from metal or plastic). As much as possible it is possible to reveal features of style in the kitchen, having used the latest household appliances, the chrome-plated kitchen utensils, and ware. The apron of the kitchen is done of metal or opaque glass.

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Futuristic interior design in style hi-tech. Ice and flame

With the development of high technologies, our houses and apartments become "cleverer", household appliances - multipurpose and compact. There are more and more popular touch sensors, programs of remote control of household appliances, and life support systems. The style of an interior popular now hi-tech is based on accurate, laconic forms and correctly exposed light. The equipment surely has to be multifunctional, and high technologies and the most modern materials, by all means, have to participate in the registration.

So, the real interior of the apartment in style hi-tech allows various internal finishing: paint, plaster, wall-paper, plastic, concrete, or brick. But in small rooms, she has to be monophonic and light. In big rooms, it is possible to use dark tones, up to black. As jewelry - moldings, abstract panels, photos on a black-and-white film. As an exception on windows, it is possible to hang up transparent tulle, laconic curtains, roles, blinds. Ideally, in such rooms of a window shouldn't be curtained by anything.

Zoning by mobile or stationary partitions is very popular. There are no doors at all, or traditional wooden are replaced with sliding designs from glass and metal. The house interior in style hi-tech assumes installation of suspended or tension ceiling designs with several levels in each room. The lamps located in them will allow owners to regulate the level of illumination of this or that zone independently. In general, the correct lighting very important part of this style. Different lamps of the directed or diffused light have to be as much as possible. At the same time, they can be mounted not only on a ceiling, and on a floor, walls, furniture. Very often designers apply to string and track lighting systems that can be operated remotely. The house has to adapt as much as possible in the right frame of mind of the owner.

Style hi-tech in an interior: coziness or cold

As already it has been told above, a basis of such design light and a form. Color doesn't play a special role, it has to be quiet and monochrome. Accent spots of pure, bright colors are used in the singular. Hi-tech is an interior, apparently on a photo, bright is now allowed to complement with color of a bulk floor style.

Be careful, the variety of colors will ruin a drawing-room interior in style hi-tech. Lines have to be straight lines, surfaces smooth, a decor almost imperceptible. The main thing in this style a perfect form and play of light on polishing and metal.

Buy the most unusual transforming furniture, modular beds, glass racks, and regiments. Or the simplest and laconic, strict forms from plastic, metal, or glass. Organically electro-fireplaces or aquariums look here.

The style hi-tech in the interior of the kitchen is the ergonomics increased by multifunctionality. It is as much as possible built-in equipment with touch or remote control

Clean hi-tech at us can still be met seldom. Most often, it is combined with эко style, adding natural materials, or with a more brutal loft.