Interesting from Simpeks Design: What the interior will look like in 2021: 6 top design predictions

Black kitchens

More and more designers are abandoning the classic light options. Brands create stylish black wardrobes.
It is especially popular to install such kitchens in open spaces and studio apartments.


Yes, it didn't seem to you. The past year has deprived people of their usual joys: travel, meetings with loved ones, hugs. We had to spend most of our time in our apartments.
Apartments have become both offices and a place for recreation for people - now the requirements for their functionality have changed a lot.

Wavy shapes

Replaced the strict lines. The wavy shape is more organic than direct. They take us back to nature and creativity.
Today, designers are doing curved sofas, dishes, mirrors, carpets, and the like. Such lines are called biophilic.

Transparency and naturalness

Consumers want to know what their furniture and decoration materials are made of. This is a challenge for brands.
People choose natural stone, wood, concrete, as well as things made from recycled materials.

Personalization and self-expression

People at the time were quarantined for weeks in their homes, they wore a tracksuit and did not see the world outside.
Therefore, we start looking for ways to show our personality in every corner of the room.


More and more artists are back in style, popular in the 70s of the last century. Postmodernism is a reaction to harsh formality and austere forms.
This style is evident in playful lines.