Design of offices

The interior design of an office has the specifics of registration connected with features of work.

The main destination of an office in the house is comfortable to work in a cozy house situation. Therefore when developing interior design it is necessary to follow the special principles.

Basic principles creation of an interior of an office: has to distract nothing from work (a minimum of details), comfortable furniture and a coziness, functionality, the office has to reflect the character and the identity of the owner.

It is necessary to have an office far from noisy rooms - a drawing-room, the nursery. The office can be divided into functional zones: the worker, a recreation area, and a zone for the reception of guests.

Special attention needs to be paid to high-quality lighting. It has to be sufficient and it is the is best of all multilevel and scattered.

Completed projects
Dubai UAE, Office for a financial company. Watch Project
Dubai UAE, Office for a financial company.
Dubai UAE, Office for a financial company. Design project 2020
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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Design of an office

It Will help to create a convenient workplace Simpeks Design. Developing the design of a study, we consider features of the room, and occupation of the customer, we provide a sufficient level of illumination for convenient work.

The choice of style in many respects will define the color palette and arrangement of the room. We create a unique appearance, combining styles and considering the customer's wishes. The design project of an office in many respects depends on its parameters. Before works, our expert carries out necessary measurements.

The most suitable styles for a workplace:

  • Classical;
  • Minimalism;
  • Hi-tech.

The interior design of an office

The study in classical style assumes graceful design: refinement of forms, light pastel tone, spaciousness. The natural material is used, the tree is preferable, supplement an interior of an arch and a column, painting, and patterns on surfaces. Arrangement of the library in such room is possible.

The minimalism provides accurate geometrical forms, scale limited in several flowers, and work with less expensive construction material, the almost total absence of decor. The design of a small office in style minimalism is most good for young and active people. The most necessary and practical furniture is selected: a chair, a desktop and a case for books, documents.

Hi-tech means the most modern view of the room. The abundance of metalwork, the last novelties of the equipment and is used. The lamps which are built-in everywhere, the severity of forms, modular multipurpose furniture of distinctive features hi-tech. He also perfectly will be suitable for small rooms.

Problems with lighting don't arise if windows come to sunnyside, however, otherwise, it is worth calculating the carefully uniform distribution of light in the afternoon. For this purpose, we establish LED tapes, the built-in or hinged lamps, chandeliers, lamps is dependent on the chosen style and level of illumination.

Design of the bedroom of an office

Planning of such room provides zoning of the placement on two is equivalent important zones the rest and work. It is important that having a rest, the person felt is weakened, and working, has been concentrated in practice. In the bedroom office, the thought-over design will help to create the correct emotions.

The design of the bedroom combined with an office defines the chosen style of an interior. The minimalism will provide enough light and space, classical will add refinement to the room due to decorative finishing and stylish furniture, hi-tech keeps the spirit of the present and practicality. The interior design of an office bedroom in the Scandinavian style will provide a quiet home atmosphere: contrast tone and a moderate quantity of decorative elements, big windows, light surfaces.

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