How to add a garland in the interior, so they looked so harmoniously?

Garlands in bottles, jars, and vases

In order to place the garland in any transparent object, it is better to purchase a battery-powered model.

The garland in wine bottles looks original. Interesting lighting effects can be achieved depending on the color of the glass.

Garlands of Edison bulbs


Previously, such decoration could only be seen in films. Now you can buy such garlands and hang them at home.

Light bulbs are used to decorate the garden, courtyard, and premises. They are very versatile and create a festive mood.

Light bulbs, if they are small, can be used to decorate a wardrobe or a window sill.

After all, homemade garlands from real lamps consume a lot of electricity and get very hot.

"Waterfall" from garlands

The idea for a window. To do this, you will need the same small lengths of garlands (up to 3 meters). Hang them vertically on the window so they hang to the floor.

Today you can purchase ready-made versions of the waterfall for the windows.

Garland on the mirror

If the room has a framed mirror, hang a garland on it so that it reflects off the surface.

This will enhance the effect of the garland and create a mysterious atmosphere in the room.

Garland with photo

Get a long, thin garland in a neutral shade. Hang it in lines on one wall.

Place your favorite photos on top using paper clips or small clothespins.

Wrap the bike

... or any other item in the apartment. The more unusual this item is, the more interesting it is.

This design can be a source of subdued lighting in a room.

Decorate the front door

The front door can be decorated not only with a festive wreath of pine needles but also with a garland.

It can be hung on the jamb or on the door itself.