Country style in design

The country style is very different in the nationality, the feature of the style is the color of the different countries. But nevertheless, there are common features: it is impossible to use contrast and bright paints, from furniture it is possible to use sofas, benches, dressers, chests.

In the kitchen in the style of a country typical rural ware is used: wooden spoons, clay pots, and jugs, walls are covered with rough plaster and most often simply whitewashed.

In interiors of the style of a country a lot of textiles are used: curtains on windows, various covers, and rugs, knitted napkins, and cloths. Everything has to be from natural materials.

Also, the decor isn't alien to this style, he helps to reveal a country to style fully. It can be various figurines, old photos, candlesticks, hours, ware on shelves, shod metal products. The exclusivity to style is added by handiwork.




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Style of an interior of a country. For judges of naturalness and proximity to nature

Life in the megalopolis with her noise, smog, and speeds not by all to liking. Somehow to brighten up gray everyday life one gets housing in the country, others try to create the atmosphere of a simple and natural coziness in the apartment. For them secretly dreaming of quiet rural life there was also a peculiar outlet a style of a country in an interior.

In him, there is no place for ultra-fashionable materials with a bright design and brilliant surfaces. Though he has developed as a design current last century, the modern look isn't alien to him.

Basic principles of the direction of a country

Creating in the house or the apartment interior design in the style of a country it is necessary to follow certain rules and to avoid the use of artificial and ecologically unsafe materials. To avoid failures and mistakes it is better to resort to the help of professionals. But if there is no such opportunity, then listen at least to their recommendations.

Considering features of this direction many consider that the country style is suitable for rural households more. However, today he can be met also in city apartments where he is given more modern lines. Starting works it is necessary to remember that style finishing will be required to all rooms and it can't be executed in one separately taken room. From this point also difficulties begin. If the registration of the matrimonial bedroom or a drawing-room doesn't cause problems, then from the nursery or a bathroom there are many questions and consultation of experts can be required.

As for types of finishing, they are limited:

  • wall-paper, decorative plaster, lining, or panels under a tree for walls;
  • the massif, parquet board, or artificial stone for a floor;
  • coloring in white color or finishing, with the use of beams for a ceiling.

Both materials, and a color palette if you use the style of a country in an interior, have to be as close as possible to nature that is well visible on the photo above. And the selection of furniture and accessories will become the last stroke in registration.

Style of a country in an apartment interior

The recently increasing number of city dwellers seek to equip the dwelling, creating in him a certain similarity of a grandmother's lodge in the village. But unlike a country cottage usually not all apartment, and only her separate rooms are modified. Most often make out only an interior of the kitchen in the style of a country.

In this case, it is necessary to refuse plastic and glass table-tops. Registration has to be the most natural. As a floor covering and an apron near a plate and a sink the tile is the most practical and reliable material that can be used.

The kitchen in the style of a country assumes the existence of various decorative elements, on a photo of our website the interior is issued with the use of such details. Light textiles can become an ornament for windows and doors, and the walls which are pasted over with wall-paper are decorated ceramics, fresh with flowers and still lifes.

The interior of the kitchen in the style of a country assumes also use:

  • Wooden dining table and convenient chairs;
  • Lighting fixtures in the form of chandeliers with the forged basis.

At the same time, all modern equipment hides in hinged lockers that it hasn't spoiled an overall picture.

House interior in the style of a country

Any ethnic manifestations of this direction will be suitable for a country cottage: from cold Swedish to colorful French. Deprived of stiffness they never bother and perfectly are suitable for the creation of the pacified situation.

The style of a country in an interior of a country house often is the basis for all areas. He will suit supporters of a practical and convenient situation which easily gives in to leaving and movement.

The room interior in the style of a country allows using also some universal objects. It can be a basket for storage of firewood in a drawing room or a mat in a hall. The main thing that they weren't beaten out from the general registration.