Classical style in design

The classical style is the style checked by time. The concept of classical style is meant as the whole family of styles which have historical and national characteristics: antique, Greek, Roman, classicism, baroque, etc.

General properties of classical styles the correct geometry, symmetry, essentialization, a national print. For an interior in classical style big spaces of rooms and high ceilings are necessary.

In such interior only expensive and natural materials are used: a parquet from valuable breeds of a tree, a tile from marble, as a decor use a molding, friezes, colons.

The ceiling can be painted, and walls cover decorative plaster, fabric, or wall-paper on a natural basis.
For an interior in classical style use quiet colors: beige, dairy, olive, brown in combination with gilding. Here not the place of bright paints.

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Classical style in an interior

The classical style remains out of time. It is a fact that not to dependently fleeting trends, and this design even later will remain many years same attractive and relevant. The house interior embodies bewitching grace, functionality, and coziness in classical style, emphasizing the material welfare of the owner.

The style of the classic in an interior includes the following elements:

  • Accurate geometrical forms in everything, including walls, doors, windows, furniture, and decor;
  • Windows and doors have to be rectangular or arch;
  • Floor with a wooden covering;
  • Simple ceilings are, as a rule, decorated with molding;
  • The hall interior is ideal execution provides existence of a stone fireplace in classical style;
  • Furniture from light breeds of a tree has to be in light pastel tones, and dark objects - in noble bright shades;
  • Stucco molding - the main decoration of walls. The decor, as a rule, has an ornament of the vegetable subject;
  • Chandelier with pendants (it is obligatory from crystal or valuable glass), plafonds in the form of roses or candles, silk lampshades on floor lamps, a sconce - here that creates ideal lighting of such rooms;
  • The bathtub interior provides in classical style constrained tone (white, beige, gray). In the choice of plumbing fixtures and furniture there are no strict restrictions on a form and the size;
  • The modern equipment provides the comfort and functionality of a traditional interior.

The main thing that everything has been symmetrized, and excess wires, sockets, and switches are hidden in walls or disguised by decor.

The team of professionals "Simpeks Design" a set of times created an interior in classical style, and on our website, it is possible to find all photos reports. Having got acquainted with uncountable options of realization of classics in an interior, it is possible to understand whether such interior suits you.

Who chooses a classical interior?

Classics in the design represent a certain golden mean. This style embodies the best experience of the last centuries. It is considered to be that classical interior design pleases quiet, balanced, and serious people. The apartment in such style is filled with tranquility, confidence in tomorrow, harmony, and elegant simplicity.

The apartment in the classical style is, as a rule, arranged with expensive qualitative furniture which keeps decades the faultless characteristics. And if to add glass furniture, light simple curtains, metal decorative elements, then the traditional character will be filled with the spirit of the present. Existence of the functional modern equipment will make life simpler and more interesting.

Interior design in the classical style is chosen by successful people whose taste faultless. In such housing precisely it will turn out to have a rest, restore fully forces, and be inspired on new achievements.

Classics from "SimpeksDesign"

Do you want to create the design of the apartment in the classical style? The Simpeks Design studio offers the idea, the project, and the decision. Clients are provided to choose one of several packages of design including different contradictory works. We are ready to realize completely in life your idea and desires, or in common to develop the ideal project.

What are classics? It is an excellent interior which differs in refinement and luxury but at the same time grants to the resident's real coziness and a fantastic situation. Do you dream about the apartment or the house in the classical style? Call us! We will help to realize all the best ideas and desires in life. Such an interior will please you with functionality and greatness even many years later.