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Commercial rooms

The creation of the interior of a commercial facility is a very complex process because many factors must be taken into account:

  • Purpose of the object
  • Location within the city system
  • Target audience.

The interior must be created in such a way that it will be remembered and visitors would like to come back here, advise their friends.

The Simpeks Design team can develop the interior design of such commercial premises:

  • Cafe, bar, and restaurant
  • Hotel, public halls
  • Offices, shops, and others.

Commercial space interior design:

Up to 100 m2 - 750 UAH / m2

Up to 300 m2 - 650 UAH / m2

Up to 500 m2 - 550 UAH / m2

Over 1000 m2 - 450 UAH / m2