Now country cottages, and, respectively, and their interior design will melt more and more popularly. More and more people want to live in the big spacious house, but not to be restricted in the small apartment. It is possible to issue a cottage in any style: from classics to minimalism, from Provence to hi-tech. At the choice of the general style of an interior, it is necessary to consider also the external architectural style of the building (design of a facade) - they have to be in harmony.

Interior design is the whole science where are available as the laws, the principles, and rules, but at the same time, the flight of fancy and thoughts can be carried out here. The unusual, original interior design of a cottage always emphasizes the identity and originality of the owner.

Special attention needs to be paid to design of a ladder, it is an element of an interior which unites all house in one composition. The studio of architecture and design of Simpeks Design will develop for you design the project of a cottage taking into account all your wishes.

Completed projects
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.) Watch Project
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.)
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.) Design project 2020
vil. Zabirie, Private House (500 sq.m.) Watch Project
vil. Zabirie, Private House (500 sq.m.)
vil. Zabirie, Private House (500 sq.m.) Design project 2018
Irpin, Private house (140 sq.m.) Watch Project
Irpin, Private house (140 sq.m.)
Irpin, Private house (140 sq.m.) Design project 2017
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Design of cottages the fresh ideas for an interior

The Big Square of the house gives ample opportunities for creativity during the creation of an internal situation. But to achieve that the spacious dwelling satisfied all needs of the people living in it, combined beauty and practicality not so simply. This problem can be solved with the help of professionals of Simpeks Design studio easily. Design projects of houses and cottages one of the directions of our work during which we try to create a harmonious and unique interior for all hundred percent.

We know how to fill the house with heat and a coziness

Housing has to be multipurpose, comfortable, a pleasant situation for each resident. For the achievement of this purpose, there is a set of ways and ways. The most effective of them cooperation with Simpeks Design studio which specialists carry out the interior design of cottages in such a way that in the house it will be comfortable and pleasant to each member of the household.

Our employees manage to achieve the necessary result in the way:

  • selection of right decorative and impressive elements;
  • the right choice of color schemes;
  • harmonious planning of each room.

Competently executed design the project of a cottage allows to create a beautiful setting for the short term, having reflected the modern ideas in an interior. Important components of the popularity of Simpeks Design studio:

  • close cooperation with the customer in the adoption of the main design decisions;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • high professionalism of employees.

Design the project of an interior of a cottage current trends and house comfort

Skilled designers of our studio will create especially for you ultramodern and ergonomic options of an internal situation in which beauty and coziness will be harmoniously combined. The design of houses of cottages is carried out taking into account all wishes and preferences of the customer inside. We have no templates, we create an interior in any style: from classics to minimalism, from Provence to hi-tech.

All works are performed step by step:

  • communication with the client, determination of style;
  • acquaintance to the house, measurements and photo fixation of all rooms;
  • the detailed study of furniture, lighting, facing;
  • dressing.

The internal design of cottages is carried out by specialists of studio quickly and on the high level of quality. At the same time the main criteria of any interior decision:

  • Multifunctionality;
  • comfort;
  • high esthetics.

We follow the rule that it is possible to create the modern design of cottages only taking into account the last trends and progressive tendencies: aspiration to scope and daylight, use of natural finishing materials, the practicality of all elements of a situation.

Designers of Simpeks Design studio will take care as well of that the interior and an exterior of a cottage harmoniously supplemented each other that finishing of a facade and internal arrangement of the room were combined among themselves.