Design of kitchen

The kitchen holds a specific place in each house therefore here it is necessary to approach the development of interior design with special care. The main objective that the kitchen was not just beautiful and stylish, but functional and comfortable.

The most important design of the kitchen is the ergonomic arrangement of furniture and the kitchen equipment, a so-called "working triangle" - the refrigerator, a plate, and a sink.

At registration of an interior, it is necessary to consider the area and a configuration of the premises of the kitchen not to heat up space furniture. It is very important to use for premises of kitchen the various built-in kitchen equipment and cases with drawers.

Selecting a color scale, it is better to use colors that will visually expand space (light shades), and not vice versa.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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Design of small kitchen  we do close spacious

The small kitchen is very inconvenient, but it already became an integral part of the life of those who live in old apartment houses. And those who want something in this plan to change should know that it is quite possible. It is enough to address Simpeks Design studio. We will develop the design of the kitchen which will change this part of your housing, having saved her from the traditional inconveniences of the small room. All secrets of expansion of useful space of small-sized apartments are known to us.

Effectively we change the interior design of the kitchen

The projects developed by our experts will help you to solve several problems at once:

  1. Visual increase in space.
  2. Maximum functionality of furniture and equipment.

So, carrying out the design of the kitchen of the studio, we understand that usual re-planning leads to an increase in one room due to the reduction of others. But visually it is possible to make the room more, having applied to registration special tone and lighting. Perfectly mirrors also cope with this task. The existence of brilliant surfaces and more details enhances the effect of free space. Especially well it is shown in the night-time at bright lighting.

The modern design of the kitchen excludes the use of massive furniture and large-size household appliances. On the small square, it not only encumbers space but also considerably reduces a psychological zone of comfort. Besides, even beautiful and qualitative furniture if it the big sizes, in a tiny room absolutely loses the attractive look.

Well, the kitchen which design is based on the contrast of the sizes looks. For example, the small size furniture and the massive shelf for ware. Due to sharp contrast, an impression of an increase in space is made as well as at the correct selection of color scales.

Specialists of Simpeks Design studio will develop for your design of the kitchen-dining room in which will pleasantly have dinner and receive guests.

Such methods of visual expansion of the small room as will be used:

  • installation of furniture from a floor to a ceiling;
  • placement of light sources under the top lockers or in them;
  • glass facades of furniture sets;
  • open regiments;
  • glossy and smooth surfaces;
  • maximum of natural lighting.

The design of the kitchen offered by us with a bar counter differs in the simplest and pleasant interior. Brilliant surfaces of glass or plastic furniture and chromic surfaces of her separate elements create desired feeling of spaciousness.

Design of kitchen with a balcony these good decisions for the small area

For specialists of Simpeks Design studio, there are not solvable tasks in design. And though it isn't so simple to create a unique interior of the small room, we will always found a practical solution for original planning and unusual color registration.

One of them is the kitchen with an exit to a balcony. It allows filling it with natural light.

In this case, the design of small kitchens is carried out taking into account the allocation of two obligatory zones of an interior:

  • worker
  • lunch

It can be reached by means of various illuminations, levels of zones, or thanks to different textured materials. For example, the working territory is laid out by a ceramic tile, and lunch is allocated with finishing plaster. The office of zones can be carried out also by means of various color schemes.

For the achievement of bigger functionality of the room, we carry out the design of angular kitchen differing in practicality. The complete kitchen in this case is placed along two or three walls perpendicularly each other. The compact arrangement of furniture helps to save successfully space and time for various actions.

Cooperation with us is favorable

Having addressed to Simpeks Design studio and having ordered design of small kitchen, you can be sure that skilled professionals, at which behind the back of one hundred similar projects will be engaged in it. Besides, we are in the structure of a construction company and we can provide carrying out all stages of works: from the creation of sketches before finishing.

Individual approach to each client, expeditious and high-quality implementation of the order this the basic principles of our work.