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Price of the landscaping

The landscape design project is developed individually, based on the wishes of the customer, the nature of the relief, soil and vegetation.

Prices for a landscape design project

Pre-design landscape works:

Departure of the designer to the object, consultation - 200 UAH, free of charge, when ordering a project
- Topographic survey - 2500 UAH
- Sketch, 2-3 layout options - from 800 UAH, depending on the area of ​​the site
- Soil analysis - 100 UAH / sample

Integrated landscape design (Master plan of the site, dendroplane, list of plants, planting drawing, layout drawing, diagrams and sections of landscape structures (retaining walls, paths and platforms), paving catalog, lighting, automatic irrigation system diagram, preliminary estimate, visualization).

- Up to 15 ares - 1500 UAH / are
- 16-50 ares - 1000 UAH / are
- 0.5-1 hectares - 700 UAH / weave
More than 1 ha - negotiable price