Landscaping of the site, yard, the garden is an opportunity beautifully and professionally to improve the territory.

Selection of plants, the device of hills, the systems of watering, and everything that can belong to landscaping you can order, having addressed to our studio. Professionals will develop for you unique landscaping which will suit the stylistics of your house and the mood of the people living in it. Correctly picked up plants, lighting on the site, arbors, and braziers - all this an important component of the design of the territory of the site. Trust in professionals, and we will embody your Free consultation

Design of the site Design of the site Learn More
Design of the site
Planting of plants Planting of plants Learn More
Planting of plants
Systems of watering Systems of watering Learn More
Systems of watering

Free consultation

If you are had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide you of all detailed consultations. Stages of performance of work.

Stages of work execution

Landscaping can be divided into design stages and realization. Working with our company, you are supported with the contract, terms, and guarantees for work. deas in reality!

1. Geodetic shooting of the site

2. Underground communications

3. Reservoirs soil. Existence of objects of a nature protection fund

4. Information on the existence of sources of water, electric power

5. Photofixing of an object

1. General data

2. Esthetic preferences

3. Wishes on the structure of a landscape object

4. Technical requirements

5. Requirements for landing material.

Understanding the experiences of each customer, the company provides you the contract for the development of the landscape project which you will be able to study on demand. Guarantees and the registered terms considerably will raise your trust. We are ready to execute even more than often we write in the contract that the client was satisfied. The contract is signed proceeding from the specification on the basis of which the price is also formed. The annex to the contract is formed individually for each object.

1. Creative plan

2. Stylistic decision

3. Means and materials for idea expression

4. General image of the project.

1. Development of the outline sketch, Structure, General plan, 3D types of an object

2. Development of the working draft, Gene plan, Marking drawing, Plan of sidewalks and platforms, Plan of vertical layout, Plan of link, Systems of watering. Arrangement of lamps, Plan of gardening, Small architectural forms, Specifications.

Improvement of the territory (implementation of the project).Service of the site.

Constant and regular service of a garden by the skilled gardener is the key and a guarantee that all plants and plantings in your garden will perfectly grow and develop

Advantages of working with us

Studio of design Simpeks Design, working as a part of Simspeks Group construction company and the Simpeks Trade trading company, is ready to provide you a full range of services from development before implementation. The optimum prices, professionalism, and united collective with long-term experience are the main advantages of the company.



experience in the sphere of construction and design is more than 10 years

Optimum prices

Optimum prices

we work at the prices of direct suppliers of materials

Reasonable terms

Reasonable terms

always we make every effort for expeditious delivery of projects

High quality

High quality

high quality of materials, all works are performed by highly skilled personnel


Each order for landscape design is calculated individually, based on the technical building.

Commercial rooms
Commercial rooms
Price: from 420 UAH/sq.m2 View details
Medical institutions
Medical institutions
Price: from 420 UAH/sq.m2 View details
Price: from 150 UAH/sq.m2 View details
Price of the landscaping
Price: from 1500 UAH/sq.m2 View details
Additional services

Together with the service of landscape design, our company can offer additional services. We can take a turnkey object, from design to landscaping and watering.

What do you see in the design of a landscape?

The design of a landscape is a peculiar frame into which the picture of your house is put. Therefore she needs to be picked up correctly and harmoniously. Creation of the idea of a landscape is a number of actions which purpose consists in creation economically reasonable, correct, and beautiful design of the project of the territory. Landscape design can be considered a separate art form that is implemented only with some scientific knowledge and thin design feeling. It means that it is almost impossible to create a fine garden without special knowledge. The coziness and comfort of your territory, adjacent to the building, directly depends on the correctly designed landscape which includes both design of beds, and placement of additional constructions or reservoirs, and the choice, an arrangement of trees. Correctly chosen combinations of plants, the established elements of decor will set composition and will create conditions for comfortable rest.

Address professionals of Simpeks Design studio if the project design is necessary:

  • the seasonal dacha in which all will be provided necessary for gardening and a zone of a barbecue;
  • the esthetically faultless personal plot in which the recreation area will be thought competently over;
  • the garden site which will answer all your wishes, providing all conditions for the fragrance of a garden.

We create landscaping which design means creating not only the appearance of the site. The concept includes the development of the scheme of large and small elements of decor, the system of watering and lighting, gardening of the site, and the plan of the planting of plants.

Ideal design of the site from "Simpeks Design"

Good landscaping is created by the performer in collaboration with the customer. Creation of the project assumes such stages:

  • survey of the site, the definition of his type and functional role;
  • collecting data on a territory relief, weather conditions, and other important factors;
  • interview with the customer during which the maximum quantity of information on the client's wishes, his ideas, and preferences gathers;
  • development of the project;
  • design of large fine details of design of the yard;
  • coordination and approval of the project;
  • landscaping visualization (photo 3D). This stage the most important allows seeing precisely how your site after implementation of the project will look. If necessary amendments are introduced;
  • development of working documentation (system of a car of watering and lighting, dendrology plan, landing drawing, etc.).

For the implementation of the project, you can also address our company. Qualified specialists will realize the design of the yard. The cost of creation of the project is individual and the bet to a meeting makes a reservation.

We will execute high-quality gardening in Kyiv, taking into account your wishes and with strict observance of all norms. Planning of the territory, creation of drainage system, the landing of plants, the device of lawns, creation of paths and compositions, the system of a car of watering and lighting, creation of reservoirs, design of beds, etc. is that assumes high-quality landscaping in Kyiv.

Professionals of "SimpeksDesign" will develop the exclusive design of the site, will offer suitable plants to disembarkation, will execute gardening of the territory, or realize all projects on a landscape from beginning to end. Call us!