The loft style in design

The loft means "attic" or "the top apartments" though today in this style it is possible to equip any room, on any floor.

In uniform space here it is well combined old (concrete walls, a brick, beams, air-channels) and modern (upholstered furniture, the equipment).

The main materials of the loft - rough plaster, brick walls, a concrete ceiling, a tree, metal.

The space is open, without partitions, it is zoned by means of furniture, by colors, light, or the invoice. Most often textiles at windows are absent, and all communications are removed outside - ventilation, pipes, and electrical wiring that gives to an industrial interior.

In the loft application of non-standard accessories graffiti, posters, abstract pictures are characteristic.
The drawing room in style the loft can be merged into the kitchen in uniform space, divided by a bar counter or a leather sofa.

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Interior in the Loft style

The style of the loft which has arisen in the 50th years in America became especially fashionable and popular presently. The initial value of this term meant the apartment on the top floor, on the attic, or a penthouse. Free planning of the apartment, lack of inter-room walls, high ceilings, the looked-through beams the main elements of the loft.

The modern style of the loft includes the thought-over combination of any architectural ideas combination of old elements with modern details. For example, barefaced pipes, naked brick walls, beams, ventilating systems can perfectly be combined with modern equipment, metal elements in the design, mirrors.

So, the style of an interior the loft includes such main details:

  • open planning. Partitions (inner room walls) are absent completely or their minimum quantity. Transparent partitions which don't violate the general concept are quite often used. Functional zones are, as a rule, divided by different ways of zoning (color contrasts, emphasis by light or finishing material, installation of specific furniture);
  • the style of an interior the loft surely demands existence of high ceilings, it is desirable painted in light tone. It is good if there are panoramic windows which are passing a lot of light;
  • as for color scale, preference is given to cold shades (metal, blue, etc.);
  • presence of industrial spirit is obligatory. Brick walls, pipes, the sticking-out beams, the "bared" walls - an integral part of the loft. At the same time, it is very important to achieve a harmonious combination of rough finishing to modern furniture, equipment, and decor.

To understand all specifics, the loft in an interior is enough to see style (photos are presented in the gallery on our website). There are various options of realization which depend on the characteristics of the room and the personal preferences of residents.

Who will suit the Loft style in an interior?

Imagine the spacious room, high ceilings, lack of inter-room walls. In such an apartment and it will be easier to breathe. Style the loft in interior design is what creates the feeling of freedom and boundless opportunities. Initially, the empty industrial room was occupied and equipped by writers, artists, and students. These people were creative bohemia and created modern fashion and art.

Modern interior design in style the loft began to contain broader definition and appointment. The equipped room, whether it be the apartment or the private house, perfectly will approach for:

  • Economical people. This style demands a minimum of financial expenses - there has to be everything simply and laconically
  • People of creative professions. In the spacious room it is easy to build the ideal workshop and to equip the showroom;
  • That who has bought the apartment with free planning or builds country housing. The house interior in style the loft will become the ideal basis allowing to realize any daring ideas and desires further;
  • To freedom-loving extraordinary persons. Most often the youth is an admirer of this style. If there is a thirst for all new and non-standard, the loft housing means it will turn out to equip splendidly.

Apartment interior in style the loft from "Simpeks Design"

The Simpeks Design studio proposes the best design solutions and realization in the life of the perfect ideas in precisely stipulated terms. The team of professionals will think over to trifles a drawing-room interior in style the loft or at once all apartment. Several packages of our services are offered to clients, each of which includes the 3D project of design.

Address us if you want to see the style of the loft in an apartment interior. Our designers will help you to create tremendous coziness and functionality, keeping the spaciousness of the room. Call! And we will make it so that the room pleased you and inspired.