Little attic paradise

Is it possible to make a full-fledged apartment in the attic?

Our definite answer is yes! If you have an apartment or a house with a beautiful attic, and you are worried whether it is possible to make a full-fledged apartment out of this?

I will quickly calm you down - of course.

You can equip an attic for any room, most often it is used for house rooms: a bedroom or a living room.
More recently, it was the attic and the very mention of it that was associated with a place with all kinds of rubbish, which you rarely want to climb, and now, thanks to good design solutions, the associative opinion is changing towards luxury apartments. If you decide to equip this territory on your own, without outside help, then you will certainly have to take into account the main points.

First of all, you need to think about noise insulation, because it is in the attic room that noises are especially felt, which, coming from the street, are also quite an important point - this is lighting, if there is enough natural light, then you are lucky if you do not need to take care of the correct lighting of the room - lamps, lamps or other lighting objects. Be sure to equip the attic, you need to take into account the insulation of the walls because in winter it can be cool in such a room, the walls are somewhat thin and easily pass the outside temperature, you also need to take care of good ventilation, because in the summer it can be a little hot here in the heat. The room itself has a special shape, so the design should be light and correct so that the room visually appears higher and provides a feeling of lightness while staying in it. The play of colors and the correct selection of accessories will help you with this.

As an example, take a look at the attic design from our studio Simpeks Design. Thanks to the ingenuity of the designer, the non-standard ceiling is smoothed out by the wooden structures, visually facilitating the feeling of overhang. A luxurious window in the center of the room is decorated with beautiful curtains that give it sophistication and exclusivity. A comfortable King size bed is placed under an additional window, which definitely adds romance to this interior. Imagine, falling asleep in this comfortable room, you can look at the stars or a plane flying smoothly in the sky, relax, dream, and think about the good, such as a living picture or a piece of the sky before going to bed, right above your bed, frankly speaking, is worth a lot.

On a cozy armchair near a small table, near the window, you can read books, newspapers, work on a computer, or simply admire nature and enjoy life, sipping a cup of aromatic coffee and anticipating delicious sweets.

Restraint of colors, correct accents, conciseness, and practicality are perfectly combined in this room. Such a room, successfully created by the hand of a master, will become a real multifunctional, or even a favorite place in your home.

Premises that seemingly have their drawbacks can be easily made with special advantages if you think of everything correctly and take into account all the nuances. If you are interested in our article, subscribe to our blog, put likes, go to our website, where you will find a lot of useful information for yourself: