Mansardor or full-fledged floor - what is better?

Let's figure it out all the same, which is better?

What is a mansard - this is not a full-fledged floor, it is essentially an attic room with a sloping roof, it can still be associated with the childhood dreams of a treehouse. This angular room is not large in size; it is often used for creative playgrounds, children's rooms, secret rooms, mini bedrooms, etc.

The a mansard is very convenient so you can place panoramic windows and admire the open sky, you can create space for yourself for creativity, art, create and admire the nature around you, since in the attic you can place a mini garden or a gazebo on the balcony, right in your country house!

yes Attic pluses:

  • Savings due to the fact that the attic is much easier for the foundation and does not require an additional foundation.
  • Attic, much more original and flexible, for the implementation of the original interior design.
  • The structure includes a rafter system, insulation, and roofing material.
  • An attic can be built more quickly and easily, as the roof does not need to be removed.
  • Possibility of installing roof windows.
  • Improved thermal insulation, due to the ingress of daylight into the attic, thereby not requiring strong insulation.
  • An increase in living space, due to the fact that you do not need to demolish the roof, but rationally use it for your own purposes.
  • No accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris, the appearance of rodents and insects, due to the fact that the room is constantly ventilated and does not have a large scale.
  • Constant natural light, due to roof windows.
  • Eco-friendliness and attractiveness of the house.

no Cons of the attic:

  • More expensive cost per square meter of usable area.
  • The cost of skylights cut into the roof is more expensive.
  • Sloped attic ceilings reduce usable space.

Why then do you need a full-fledged floor?

What is the advantage of building a full-fledged second floor?
When calculating in detail the costs of building an attic floor, you can encounter significant savings, and sometimes even an expensive cost. The high cost of materials, the use of European soundproofing, waterproofing systems is more expensive than building a full-fledged second floor with an additional attic, which is recommended for economic purposes.

The living mansard space transforms the building into a non-attic area. Replacing materials and rebuilding the roof is quite difficult to carry out in a residential attic, often a complete reconstruction of the floor is required. Defects in roofing on the mansard floor significantly affect the living. With a complete arrangement, it is difficult to carry out partial work and eliminate water drips.

Building a full second floor is helpful. Using the mansard for household needs, reducing the complexity of replacing roofing materials will cost fewer losses. What to choose depends on the need to square the living space and the ability to invest financially in construction. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of high-rise buildings will help determine.

yes Advantages of a full floor:

  • A beautiful view from open terraces and French windows is an indisputable advantage that brings romance and relaxation. At any time of the year, relaxation and enjoyment of open space perfectly fills with energy and eliminates depression.
  • Significant savings in space on the site. In small areas, higher-rise buildings are often planned. Thus, saving space on the territory and obtaining living space is achieved. If the area of ​​the zone is less than 20 acres, then it is better to economically use the territory.
  • The cost of roofing is high on a one-story building due to the coverage of the entire perimeter. 2-story structures are often smaller, so roofing costs are minimal.
  • The cost of arranging the foundation and overlapping the basement of a house is similar to the savings on the roof. Strengthening the foundation with the expectation of a two-story structure is cheaper than filling the entire perimeter.
  • Using wooden inter-floor flooring saves the cost of waterproofing. The wood serves as a floor covering on the second floor and requires minimal costs for the finishing layer.

no Cons of a full floor:

  • The main disadvantage is the cost of placing the staircase and its arrangement. On each of the floors, the staircase occupies approximately 10 squares of usable territory.
  • The cost of the stairs is at least $ 2000. The staircase space must be equipped taking into account the convenience for all family members. Economical spiral staircases are absolutely not convenient for children and pensioners.
  • The sleeping quarters are usually on the top floor, while the living and dining area is downstairs. The constant movement is not convenient and not efficient for living. Additional bathrooms require an increase in construction costs.
  • Placing ventilation of the kitchen and bathrooms in a two-story cottage is also difficult due to being one above the other. We have to apply climatic technologies in the lower zones.
  • It is better to provide a large space for the nursery, games, and physical activities on the first floor, while the sleeping area for the parents is on the second, which is unpleasant for the child.
  • In general, you can look for the pros and cons in the attic or in a full-fledged floor for a very long time.

So which is better in the end? cool

After weighing each of the pros and cons, you can come to a common solution:

  • The attic is really very aesthetically pleasing, this is for creativity, this is for a small cozy nest in your country house.
  • A full-fledged floor is needed more for living, for arranging a floor, for those who want a full-fledged two-story house.

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Article author: Buliga Vladislav