The Minimalism style in design

Minimalism - style for those who look forward already how many years in a row this style don't lose the popularity he became timeless.

The main motto of this style: "a decor minimum a functionality maximum". Planning of the room - opened a minimum of partitions. Spaces, different in mission, smoothly flow one in another that does the room open and free.

Main signs of style: use in the creation of an interior the correct geometrical forms, straight lines, lack of decor, ornaments, stucco moldings, a small quantity of furniture.

The main color palette - from white to black, is often used white, gray, graphite, chocolate.

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Open interior design in style minimalism

The difficult, elaborate modernist style dominated architecture, fashion, music is more than 50 years old. Together with changes in policy, art, production, construction more strict and simple interior in style minimalism has appeared. Romanticism finally was replaced by practicality. At the high level of comfort, such rooms are almost empty, elements of decor are left only the most necessary.

Many people, wishing to receive a modern interior, style minimalism used incorrectly, without knowing anything about strict requirements. You have to have refined taste, attention to detail, sense of proportion.

The ideal interior of the house in style minimalism is bearing designs and external walls with the increased window openings, arches instead of doors broken by internal partitions. The area is divided into separate zones by mobile or stationary glass partitions, furniture, aquariums, plants, illumination.

In order that the easy interior of the apartment in style minimalism corresponded to the name, it is worth making the following:

  • To paste monophonic wall-paper on walls or to cover them with light paint, plaster;
  • To think over a suspended ceiling design from several levels;
  • To get a tile, linoleum of light shades or wooden boards on a floor;
  • On furniture, metal finishing from chrome, aluminum, or glass, leather inserts, contrast pillows is obligatory.

Only, in that case, your interior of the room in style the minimalism will be harmonious when walls and the integrated furniture fonts monophonic, are almost not present decorative knickknacks. Initially, you have to manage to change correctly planning, create successful color schemes, to design lighting anew. Most often the drawing-room is combined with a hall or kitchen.

You remember the interior in style minimalism as is one photo higher doesn't suffer many paints at the same time. It is necessary to be limited to five, and better three shades. Make contrast accent combinations. Only one decorative subject on the room one vase, one picture, etc. is allowed. But mirrors can hang on each wall or on a ceiling. Everything that will help to expand space, even more, is welcomed: easy curtains, soft diffused light, built-in household appliances. Select furniture surely accurate, straight lines. No smoothness should be, it is even better to choose a coffee table, a padded stool in the form of the correct cube, a parallelepiped.

Style minimalism in an interior of ordinary apartments

It is wrong to consider that a similar stylistic decision will help to save means - absolutely on the contrary. Of course, it is possible to introduce several elements of minimalism in the own interior but have aimed to issue in this way all apartment, be prepared for investments.

Often the interior of the kitchen in style minimalism meets in house studios where such rooms shouldn't be allocated. Clean, smooth, plain surfaces without household appliances, the closed facades from glass, plastic, metal dark below and light above. On the walls of a kitchen zone a stone, brick, pith panels. Lamps are dot, different brightness. Classics a long working surface, above a continuous number of the closed lockers. Any open shelves.

Creating a bedroom interior in style minimalism, organize several plasterboard designs for the built-in cases, pick up laconic sliding wardrobes. The main accent a bed on the small eminence. First, the interior in style minimalism will seem cold, but if you love order, you appreciate silence and rest, this decision for you.