Modernist style in design

The name of Modernist style in translation into Russian means "modern", he was such in due time, having brought eccentricity and elegance in development of the design of the end of the 19th century, and has no relation to current trends of design.

It is possible to call modernist style one of the most difficult styles, each culture in the different countries has left the mark on the development of this style, he has absorbed in himself a set of various directions. The main lines of modernist style - abundance of wooden objects, natural and vegetable subjects in decor, all lines smooth, use of stained-glass windows, windows, and doors have the arch form, ladders are decorated with a shod handrail with an openwork ornament.

The color scale of an interior in modernist style muffled, pastel tone (shades brown, pearl, beige, wet asphalt, black, silvery).

At decoration of the walls in an interior use light paints, they shouldn't focus attention on themselves, and to be only a background.

Furniture of modernist style shouldn't have acute angles, only smooth lines, the maximum asymmetry in backs of beds and sofas. In an interior of such style, it will be good to look at classical furniture of shapes.

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vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.) Watch Project
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.)
vil. Bezradichi, Private house (250 sq.m.) Design project 2020
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The new old modernist style in an interior

Having appeared more than 100 years ago, this kind of architecture and interior design has caused a furor. It was valid something new, strange, and not absolutely clear. Now the house interior in modernist style has managed to become classics.

Thanks to distinctive features, he is recognizable and popular. It is possible to embody it in practice in three ways:

  • Superficial - light accents, observance of color scale;
  • Decorative - the main role is played by architectural elements;
  • Maximum - interior design in modernist style is exact to the smallest details.

The characteristic feature of this direction - lack of straight lines and strict forms. The abundance of a vegetable ornament, curved forms with the displaced symmetry, porcelain, colored glass, and metal. The artist receives absolute freedom: he can mix materials in any proportion, receiving the maximum esthetics and functionality.

Very difficult independently to receive a modernist style in an interior, looking at a photo, you understand that the designer has to be a professional. All elements have to be combined with vegetable motives, not symmetric forms and deliberately rough materials harmoniously.

Skilled designers consider that a modern modernist style - the real find for owners of non-standard housing. He will successfully hide shortcomings and roughnesses, having turned them into advantages. However, the area has to be quite big - this style is characterized by a little excess decor.

The color scheme can be any, the main thing that the chosen shade was soft, indistinct. At the beginning define the dominating color, then color accents which are in harmony with him and the most expressive shade for the finishing color textures.

The "modern modernist style" style imposes strict requirements on lighting fixtures. In all rooms, it is necessary to establish two types of lamps: decorative and functional. The first for accent lighting and the second are divided into the main (ceiling), background (on walls), target (is slightly higher than a plinth). It is correct to choose and place lamps for the beginner without professional help very not easy.

Style of an interior modernist style. Continuous development

Laying aside pretentiousness and some strangeness, this stylistic decision does the room practical and convenient for life. Especially if it isn't scrupulous to follow all requirements, and to apply a decorative or superficial approach.

The most important - not to be fond of something one, for example, of metal or glass. Try that each fragment was harmonious: for one room there are enough one glass (metal) basic element and two-three decorative objects.

So, that the apartment interior in modernist style was to the place, the sufficient scope, essential means, and huge desire are necessary. By the way, it is one of the constantly developing styles. Therefore the modern interior will remain a relevant long time.