Renovation in a new building

Renovation in a new building is one of the stages that many new property owners face. When buying an apartment in a new building, before starting repair work, we recommend inviting a designer for a clearer drawing of engineering communications and furniture arrangement.

Redevelopment is also an important factor. Since now almost everyone offers it, one cannot do without clear dimensions and a scheme for installing partitions. Design and architecture studio Simpeks Design has been performing interior design work for many years during the renovation of a new building. Experienced foremen according to our drawings can easily carry out repairs of even the most difficult level.

We cooperate with the construction company Simpeks Group, and in the state, there is a close-knit team of repair specialists. It is not the first year that we have been providing repair services in new premises, and the number of satisfied customers is in the hundreds.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC Novopecherskie Lipki Watch Project
RC Novopecherskie Lipki
Kyiv, RC Novopecherskie Lipki Object 2016
Kyiv, RC Herzen Park (170 sq. m.) Watch Project
RC Herzen Park (170 sq. m.)
Kyiv, RC Herzen Park (170 sq. m.) Object 2018
Irpin, st. Novooskolskaya Watch Project
st. Novooskolskaya
Irpin, st. Novooskolskaya Object 2017
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Apartment renovation in a new building: individual solutions, available materials

The owners of the newly built living space are well aware that repairs in a new building will have to be undertaken seriously. The overwhelming majority of developers are too economical on materials, selling literally bare walls. Still, it is too early to despair, presenting the amount that will be required to renovate an apartment in a new building.

The Simpeks Design studio works as part of the large construction company Simpeks Group, which has been operating on the market for a long time, having concluded lucrative contracts with suppliers of building materials. The company's specialists with many years of experience will carry out turnkey repair of a new building with materials much cheaper than in the case of an independent choice and purchase of everything you need.

The foremen of the company know very well where to start repairs in a new building, given the period of shrinkage of the building. A clear drawing of communications, redevelopment, and competent finishing during repair work helps to avoid all kinds of defects.

When making an estimate, we describe in detail how much it costs to repair a new building with the materials offered by us. Customers are guaranteed significant savings by ordering turnkey repairs from our company.

Factors that determine the cost of renovation in a new building

Most often, the standard calculation of the cost of repairing an apartment in a new building consists of the following points:

  • Plumbing, heating systems, sound insulation. The last point is very important in new houses where repairs are being carried out en masse.
  • Leveling the floor with special mixtures, laying the topcoat at the customer's choice.
  • Alignment of walls and ceilings, finishing according to the project.
  • If the plan provides for the re-planning of the premises, the costs for the construction of partitions and finishing work are added to the basic estimate.

Due to the fact that our teams use materials of European quality, the finishing coating and communications retain their original appearance when the walls and ceilings shrink. The ability to purchase the latest building materials at special prices significantly reduces the cost of renovating an apartment in a new building, making it acceptable for customers with different budgets.

Check out the photo gallery of our work and choose the best option or offer your ideas. We will embody your idea and carry out repairs of any complexity without any problems. Dial the above number to contact the employee. Our experience and professionalism are at your service!