Renovation of office and retail premises is, first of all, a successful investment in the success of your business!

A quality renovation will always be appreciated by both employees and visitors. It should be noted that materials for commercial premises must be strong and durable. The ergonomics of the space will help employees work more productively and grow their business.
Light in the room is equally important. With the correct highlighting of the goods, the sales ability is improved.

For many years, Simpeks Design studio has been renovating offices and shops and transforming its interiors into reality.
A close-knit team and craftsmen, who know all the construction processes and new technologies in finishing the premises, will carry out turnkey repairs of your premises with high quality and on time.

Free consultation

If you are had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide you of all detailed consultations. Stages of performance of work.

Stages of work execution

When renovating a commercial space, it is necessary to divide the whole process into stages. Our experts will tell you where to start the repair.

Before starting the renovation, a meeting with the foreman, and ideally with the designer at the facility, is necessary to assess the condition of the premises, approve all wishes and draw up an estimate.

An experienced foreman will immediately tell you what materials are most suitable for your renovation and what points to take into account when finishing.

An important stage in the budgeting is the customer's understanding of what exactly he wants to see in his room. The most correct way is to make a design project. Using it, you can accurately calculate the cost of the entire repair.

The estimate is drawn up by the estimator or foreman and signed by the customer.

A deviation from the estimate of 5 - 10% is allowed if there is no project design and it is difficult for the foreman to calculate everything with accuracy at once.

Understanding the experiences of each customer, the company provides you with a contract for the repair of commercial premises, which you can familiarize yourself with upon request.

Warranties and prescribed deadlines for the execution of work will significantly increase your confidence in us. We are ready to perform even a little more work than indicated in the contract.

As a result, you are satisfied and will be able to recommend us to your friends. The terms and conditions are specified in the contract and an estimate is attached.

It is important to know that materials for commercial and public premises have their own specifics - they must be strong and durable.

The stages for the purchase of material are drawn up: what is needed first of all at the beginning of work, and what can be purchased in addition in the process.

The company Simpeks Design is ready to provide you with the best prices for building materials from factories of suppliers of exclusive representatives. We also take care of delivery, providing services for unloading and lifting the material.

1. Exemption of premises from furniture, equipment

2. Dismantling of old finishing materials

3. Removal of construction waste

4. Redevelopment if necessary

5. Electrical wiring

6. Plumbing work

7. Leveling surfaces

8. Installation of door and window systems

9. Finishing of the ceiling, walls, flooring.

After carrying out certain types of work, reconciliation acts are signed, where the contractor hands over, and the customer accepts the work.

Full settlement is also performed at this stage. After that, the masters proceed to the next work.

If the customer doubts the correctness of the work performed, he can always order technical supervision for a separate cost and make sure that the contractor is diligent.

Advantages of working with us

Design studio Simpeks Design, working as part of the construction company Simpeks Group and the trading company Simpeks Trade, is ready to provide you with a full range of services from development to the final implementation of the project.

Optimal prices plus professionalism and a close-knit team with many years of experience are the main advantages of the company. We have done many renovations of commercial premises, and the company's clients are successfully developing their business in our interiors.



experience in the sphere of construction and design is more than 10 years

Optimum prices

Optimum prices

we work at the prices of direct suppliers of materials

Reasonable terms

Reasonable terms

always we make every effort for expeditious delivery of projects

High quality

High quality

high quality of materials, all works are performed by highly skilled personnel

Completed projects
Kyiv, st. Yaroslavskaya Office (70 sq. m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, st. Yaroslavskaya Office (70 sq. m.)
Kyiv, st. Yaroslavskaya Office (70 sq. m.) Object 2017
Kyiv, MALLINA Boutique Watch Project
MALLINA boutique
Kyiv, MALLINA Boutique Object 2016
Kyiv city, Office st. Yaroslavl (1000 sq. m.) Watch Project
Kyiv city, Office st. Yaroslavl (1000 sq. m.)
Kyiv city, Office st. Yaroslavl (1000 sq. m.) Project 2014
Price: from 1200UAH/m2 View details
Complex repair
Complex repair
Price: from 3400 UAH/m2 View details
Price: from 4200UAH/m2 View details
VIP renovation
VIP renovation
Price: from 6000UAH/m2 View details

Individual miscalculation of your room

If you after acquaintance with the text had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide detailed consultations.

Additional services

Together with the office / store renovation service, they are usually interested in additional company services.
Before starting work, it is recommended to order a design project for the convenience of the craftsmen at the facility, the accuracy of the implementation of your idea and the correct preparation of the estimate.

Maybe you will be interested

Complex office renovation

Simpeks Design will help you create a comfortable office with a productive atmosphere. When arranging a workplace, it is important to provide comfort for employees and the manager, compactness in the placement of furniture items.

The complexity of work on the complex renovation of an office is no less than in the case of an apartment or a house. The task is to create a branded design, and it is also necessary to carry out a number of installation work with surfaces and engineering networks.

Turnkey office renovation begins with measurements of the area by a specialist.
Then we discuss with the customer his vision of a comfortable office and offer our solutions. An estimate is formed, which will determine the cost and timing of the project.

During repairs, walls, ceilings and floors are usually installed, cladding and decorative elements are applied. Their choice is determined by the individual brand style created by the designer according to the wishes of the customer. We select the necessary building material, taking into account the specifics of the working space.

At the same time, ordering repairs in our studio, you get tangible savings on materials, since Simpeks Design works as part of the construction company Simpeks Group and the trading company Simpeks Trade.

Overhaul of offices is necessary in the case of a new building or old, worn out premises. We reinforce walls, ceilings and floors, apply new cladding materials to the surfaces and equip the premises to the level of modernity.

Your office will look new!

Office redecoration does not provide for redevelopment and work with engineering networks. This is a partial installation of plumbing, a number of finishing and decorative works, such as plastering and painting walls, ceilings, wallpapering, laying tiles, laminate, fixing skirting boards, etc.

Turnkey office renovation

The cost of office renovation will depend on the size and configuration. Our company offers the most practical solutions. 

The price for an office renovation depends on the complexity of electrical, plumbing, finishing, installation and dismantling work with surfaces.

For example, in addition to finishing work, it is often required to perform such work as chipping walls for a cable, laying a cable, drilling holes in concrete for communications, installing sockets.

Also, the installation of new lighting fixtures, chandeliers or spotlights is always carried out. Installation of intercoms and meters is possible.

The company also carries out dismantling of plumbing equipment, installation of various plumbing fixtures, laying pipes for plumbing. We provide a wide range of office renovation services, as well as advise the customer on the selection of materials. Simpeks Design carries out high-quality renovation of offices. 

We will create a unique design and equip your office in the spirit of modernity and practicality. 

You can find us at st. Patrice Lumumba 4/6, building B, office 1108. Or call the number listed on the main page of the site.