Design of office

The interior design of the office assumes functional and ergonomic space in which it is convenient to work and create. Considering all nuances and wishes, making a start from a brand and specifics of the business, the team of professionals of the studio of design and architecture of “Simpeks Design” will develop for you design the project of the office that answers all modern trends in design. Correctly registered office increases the efficiency of work of employees and the status before visitors.

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If you are had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide you of all detailed consultations. Stages of performance of work.

Advantages of working with us

Studio of design Simpeks Design, working as a part of construction company Simpeks Group and the trading company Simpeks Trayd, it is ready to provide you a full range of services from development before final implementation of the project. The optimum prices plus professionalism and united collective with long-term experience are the main advantages of the company.



experience in the sphere of construction and design is more than 10 years

Optimum prices

Optimum prices

we work at the prices of direct suppliers of materials

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Reasonable terms

always we make every effort for expeditious delivery of projects

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High quality

high quality of materials, all works are performed by highly skilled personnel

Completed projects
Miami USA, IT company office (1000 sq.m.) Watch Project
Miami USA, IT company office (1000 sq.m.)
Miami USA, IT company office (1000 sq.m.) Design project 2019
Kyiv, Central office of the project company (60 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, Central office of the project company (60 sq.m.)
Kyiv, Central office of the project company (60 sq.m.) Design project 2020
Kyiv City. Service station design in Pechersk Watch Project
Kyiv City. Service station design in Pechersk
Kyiv City. Service station design in Pechersk Design project 2018


Individual miscalculation of your room

If you after acquaintance with the text had questions, you can set them to our consultants. Within an hour the staff of the company will contact you and will provide detailed consultations.

Additional services

Together with the design of office often are interested in additional services of our company for implementation of the project.

Design of office. Basic rules of registration of an interior

Work at the office has to be comfortable and effective. In a beautifully and correctly designed space it is much more pleasant to receive guests and to hold business meetings.

The thought-over design of the office is designed to provide competent zoning of space and to give the chance to communicate freely to the staff of one department. Also, today:

  • preference is given to offices with light color scale - motley or too dark colors tire;
  • good lighting is obligatory: there has to be enough daylight;
  • existence of branded flowers of the company in an interior is necessary;
  • the correct design of the office is the functional furniture occupying a minimum of useful space.

Also, a popular trend in the design of office rooms is the hairdryer. He promotes the growth and advance of the company, the inflow of money, and an increase in resources. How can it be? In ideology, the hairdryer's special attention is paid to such placement of pieces of furniture which is capable to provide maximum comfort to employees. In such room all work more actively, feel confident - success is provided!

What should the order design of the office? Key ways of the order space

Interior design at the office depends on the system of the organization of space. The most popular it:

  • Classical room and corridor system

Style of all public institutions in Ukraine. Old office centers are also long corridors with doors on both sides. Behind them small offices for personnel and magnificent rooms of administrative board hide. The spacious meeting room with minimalism inherent in her and a huge table in the center is obligatory. It is worth ordering a design of an office of similar planning to dilute the atmosphere of "a sickle and a hammer" and to add ease to an interior. Perhaps, it is necessary to demolish a couple of walls - but the room will only benefit from it!

  • Open Space who has come from the West

All young and perspective specialists wish to work at a modern office as Open Space. He symbolizes a more democratic organizational structure of the company, in comparison with the linear hierarchy of the corridor system.

The spacious room without walls which role is carried out by mobile or stationary partitions, far more pleasantly. Besides the economy of the area is notable! At such offices, you feel a part of an organism of the company. Space is divided furniture or the same partitions into functional zones. In Open Space, contrary to the developed opinion, nevertheless, it is possible to create privacy. It is worth ordering such a design of the office to the progressive organizations where continuous communication of experts, brainstorms, and close communication of the management with personnel is important.

In turn, Open Space is divided into two looks: European and American. The first allows the moderate mixture of different styles. In the registration of a working zone various original accessories, bright accents are used. The working zone can smoothly pass or be transformed into a recreation area.

The American style is a strict business design of office where nothing can distract from work. The interior is much more reserved, more ascetic. The internal arrangement can even seem aggressive. Here it is comfortable to work present to "sharks of business".

The most popular styles for your office

In Ukraine influence of the West is more and more felt. Therefore, now are popular:

  • Loft. I have arisen in the USA and Britain. To him naked brick or concrete walls, free space, and high ceilings are characteristic. For finishing the stone, metal, glass, wooden invoices with the effect of repairing is most often used. The loft isn't overloaded with furniture, the combination of style details hi-tech, or a retro is possible.
  • Minimalism. The design of the office in light tones, furniture can be couple tones darker and doesn't draw excess attention to itself. In many days diffused light.
  • Hi-tech is ergonomic furniture and modern technologies. Such design of office which photos are presented on the website is deprived of all details and excess accessories. They are replaced by a skillful combination of chrome-plated metal, glass, and concrete. Strict and accurate lines which can be woven into intricate forms are characteristic.

Designers of Simpeks Design studio will be able professionally to embody any design in your office. Seven years' experience in the market of Ukraine allows us to realize precisely the wishes of the customer and to develop magnificent design projects. We are a part of a group of companies on repair and construction. Therefore, having ordered the design of the office from us, you receive the qualitatively made project in 3D, selection of the necessary suppliers for his realization, and the qualitative embodiment of design in life. For a free consultation with the designer call according to the contact number!