The package is designed for people who value comfort and want the place in which they live to be as comfortable and special as possible. Our designers will provide you with a full range of services for a design project with selection and miscalculation. With this package, you will not have to think about where it is cheaper and better to buy finishing materials in order to make the project a reality as much as possible. You will save time, money and nerves with this package)

1150 UAH includes

  • Picks by style and color
  • Departure of the designer to the store for a selection of finishing materials (no more than 6 times for 2-3 hours)
  • Floor coverings, wallpaper, tiles, doors, etc.
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan
  • Furniture Arrangement Plan (1-4 options)
  • Socket plan
  • Circuit breakers plan with reference
  • Ceiling plan showing finishes and cuts
  • Luminaire plan with reference
  • Luminaire plan with dimensions
  • Floor plan showing finish
  • Sweep by room
  • Tile layout with tile indication
  • Finishing list with material calculation
  • Lighting sheet
  • Photorealistic 3D visualization of living quarters and bathrooms (2-4 views per room)
  • The departure of the designer 1-3 times for an explanation of the drawings
  • Calculating the estimate for the object
  • Completion of the object
  • Indication of suppliers. Search for the best price for selected materials.
  • Purchase of goods if necessary, issuing and adjusting invoices (excluding delivery)
  • Albums in A3 format, one for you, one for the builders.