Penthouses design

Penthouses are structures of category DeLuxe that consist of two or three floors that are placed on a roof of skyscrapers.

The apartment a penthouse has a number of advantages: panoramic glazing, absence of neighbors, the separate elevator, the big area, high ceilings, and open terraces with a beautiful look.

It is better to entrust the development of the design project of multilevel penthouses to professional designers who will emphasize your identity, creating a stylish and original interior. Designers can execute an interior in any style from our studio or will create own, uniting several stylistic directions.

The main task when developing the design project to create the most functional and comfortable housing.


Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "14-16 Avenue" (110 sq.m) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "14-16 Avenue" (110 sq.m)
Kyiv, RC "14-16 Avenue" (110 sq.m) Design project 2015
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Design of a Penthouse

Simpeks Design proposes design solutions for private houses and penthouses. Development of individual style provides an accounting of parameters of the premises, by means of the correct design, it is possible to hide shortcomings and to emphasize features of space. Our professionals will cope with the task quickly and qualitatively. You will find the design of penthouses and photos created by us on the done work on the website in "Portfolio".

The most important process is the choice of style, which in many respects will define a variety of furniture, richness of decorative elements, and construction material. Developing the design project of a penthouse, we don't limit ourselves and we combine styles, creating a unique interior under inquiries of the customer.

The most popular styles:

  • modernist style;
  • Victorian;
  • classical;
  • hi-tech;

The interior design of a penthouse in various style decisions

The modernist style assumes the use of a large amount of natural material, a wooden, a stone. The abundance of refined patterns, multilevel ceilings, stained-glass windows and shod elements, freedom of forms, distinctive features of a modernist style. The color scale is various, it is a lot of light shades with dark decorative elements, furniture most often with the texture of wood. Motley stained-glass windows supplement a palette. If the big penthouse with several floors is available, interior design will be gracefully emphasized by a wooden ladder with shod elements. For lighting use shod chandeliers and built-in lamps.

The Victorian-style on the true royal. Also, natural material is used, the tree, pastel soft tone is preferable. A large number of decor distinguishes this style from others: beginning from gilding, finishing with elegant forging. Preference is given to valuable grades of a tree in furniture. In such a penthouse, the antiques will harmoniously look. It is very important to keep the symmetry of proportions and to provide sufficient lighting: shod chandeliers and additional lamps, sconce. The project and its realization you will also find the Victorian design in a photo on our website.

The classical style reminds the Victorian, but more sustained, without a set of decorative elements. The classical penthouse design provides rounded shapes, podiums, arches and columns, wall paintings, use of qualitative textiles and fabrics, a tree, marble.

Hi-tech differs from the presented styles in the present and severity of geometrical forms, in the process the maximum quantity of technical innovations is used. Preference is given in construction material to metal, a stone, glass, and partly a tree. Lamps are located most compactly not only on surfaces but even on furniture.

We suggest developing the design of a penthouse in Kyiv, considering the cost, average on the market. On the design of a penthouse, the price is calculated individually, is dependent on the amount of works, and the estimate is formed. We help with the selection of furniture and finishing materials. You call us according to the number on the website for receiving a consultation.