Noise isolation Phone Star

How Phone Star Panels Work

The sound wave first collides with a flat layer of cellulose, a sheet soundproofing material with a large mass (12.5-25 kg per square meter).

This material is followed by a layer of mineral filler with a specially selected grain size distribution. The smallest particles of this filler are set in motion, and the sound energy is converted not only into heat, but also into kinetic energy, which is spent on the movement of the filler particles in suspension.
This is followed by a layer of cellulose with a curved surface, which additionally refracts and scatters the sound wave.

And so it is repeated many times: the sound wave is scattered, refracted, reflected and absorbed in each of the layers of the frame. Thus, the level of outgoing airborne noise after passing through the panel is reduced to about 90%.

Comparative characteristics of Font Star panels

Panel type Size, mm. Weight, kg. Area, sq.m Decrease in level
airborne noise,
Decrease in level
impact noise,
PhoneStar Eco 1200х800х14 19,2 0,96 up to 75% (26 dB) up to 60% (19 dB)
PhoneStar Duplex 1200х800х9 12 0,96 up to 75% (26 dB) up to 65% (21 dB)
800х800х9 8 0,64
PhoneStar Triplex 1200х800х12 17,5 0,96 up to 85% (36 dB) up to 75% (33 dB)
800х800х12 11,7 0,64
PhoneStar Quadrex 1200х800х18 25 0,96 up to 90% (40 dB) up to 85% (36 dB)

Benefits of PhoneStar Soundproofing Systems:

  • Reduction of airborne noise level up to 90% (Lnw = 40 dB).
  • Decrease in impact noise level up to 80% (Rw = 36 dB).
  • Environmentally flawless. All materials used in PhoneStar panels create a healthy microclimate in living quarters. PhoneStar does not pollute the environment at all neither during installation, nor during normal operation of buildings and structures where it was used, nor during recycling and subsequent disposal.
  • Saving useful space due to the small thickness of the material - one of the main wishes of the consumer is observed.
  • High panel strength, allowing static load up to 65 t / m2, with low panel thickness. Specially selected mineral and granulometric composition of the filler for operation in the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz.
  • High ductility resulting from the free-compressed state of the mineral filler of the soundproofing panels.
  • The possibility of mounting directly on the building structure, which eliminates the formation of sound bridges.
  • Versatility of the solution: the panels are used for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Simple and quick installation.
Completed projects
RC Grunwald, Plates PhoneStar Watch Project
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RC Grunwald, Plates PhoneStar