Useful ideas for renovation 2018 in your apartment

Do you want the finishing materials to serve for a long time after the renovation? Tired of looking and reading specifications to create your own interior design? Everything is very simple! Fiberglass wallpaper and vinyl flooring!

Today we will discuss with you the freshest ideas for the interior renovation that you can do yourself!

The main advantages of vinyl floor.

Vinyl floor coverings can be safely called one of the design novelties; their color range is simply impressive. There are many opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of such coverage. Let's see what it is and whether this material can be used at home. Vinyl coverings definitely take over linoleum, parquet, laminate, ceramic tiles, and other materials. This floor can be installed both in the bathroom and in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the hall, that is, throughout the house.

Many people compare vinyl with linoleum, which can be called a total mistake because they are completely different in their composition, texture, and other characteristics. Great importance is attached to the strength of vinyl coatings, it is much better than that of linoleum, because if you put heavy objects on linoleum: bedside tables, wardrobes, beds, then after some time, traces remain in these places. You can easily tear linoleum from the edge, but vinyl can not. Note that a felt base for linoleum is harmful in that over time, microorganisms can form under it, which cannot be the case with a vinyl floor. 


Which is a better kitchen tile or vinyl floor?

If you compare vinyl flooring with ceramic tiles, then I will immediately note that vinyl does not break and is more stable during use. It is much faster and cheaper to install vinyl floors than tiled floors. As for heat resistance and sound insulation, then a plus in the direction of, of course, a vinyl floor: also its advantage is water resistance.


Do you want visually uniform flooring in your kitchen for more space? But, near the working area - is it stronger, and near the sofa or table - softer and warmer? We used to use tiles and laminate and insert sills between them. This issue has now been resolved with vinyl! No adapters required! Laying on a warm floor, water resistance, and a pleasant-to-the-touch coating. The material can be laid on the entire kitchen floor and will fit in any area! You can move them to the rest of the rooms, thereby making your room even larger, at least visually) It is a pleasure to use such a floor in interior decoration because you can experiment, make various ornaments that will be unique, so you can easily imitate artistic and modular parquet, which is visually almost impossible to distinguish from natural. It is interesting that this material can be used to decorate not only the floor but also columns, walls, risers, decorative elements. Vinyl bends and that's another benefit!

Why is it better to use fiberglass wallpaper in the hall?

A beautiful wall design in your home, namely in the hallway, can be created using glass wallpaper - this is one of the new renovation ideas in 2018. They easily replace any wallpaper we are used to and have a big advantage over them, namely:

  • stand out for their style;
  • made only with ecological components;
  • are subject to long-term operation;
  • they are very easy to clean and paintable;
  • durable and fireproof, will be the perfect finish for your hallway, hallway, or any other room in the house.

You can glue such wallpaper yourself in your apartment, for this you need to align and clean the walls, overcoat, then cover them with special glue, then carefully stick the wallpaper on the glass wall. Do not forget to protect them during pasting from direct sunlight and drafts.
After giving your walls time to dry, you can enjoy the new thing with pleasure. We hope our tips have become useful life hacks for you. We wish you a good renovation! Read and subscribe to our blog, it will be even more interesting further. Write us what you would like to read in our next article, and we will definitely write about it.