Design of a hall

The hall is the first room that welcomes guests. Many neglect registration of design of a hall and acquaintance to your house begins with this small room.

Visually to increase the space of the room it is better to use a light tone, it is possible to apply smooth surfaces.

In a hall, there has to be good lighting therefore the designer's task - to distribute light evenly in all room. It is possible to use a sconce as an additional light source.

If the design of the hall, but not a hall is planned, then it is necessary to provide the place for a sofa or a sofa, a mirror before an exit to the street. It is necessary to pick up functional furniture which shouldn't encumber passes.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
Kyiv, Dentistry (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, Dentistry (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, Dentistry (70 sq.m.) Design project 2017
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Design of halls, corridors

The Simpeks Design studio creates interiors for houses and apartments. The pleasant design of a hall can become the hallmark of the room. In apartments most often it is necessary to work with limited space. We are capable to create the unique design of a small hall, having provided freedom of movement and compliance to the general interior of the room.

There is a number of requirements to a hall, as to the brisk place where the dirt brought from the street gathers:

  • the increased resistance of surfaces to mechanical damages;
  • moisture resistance;
  • an opportunity to quickly clean walls and furniture.

Design of a corridor

The most optimal solution to use style minimalism. First of all, it can easily be arranged under any interior, especially in modern spirit. However, in a case with a classical or Victorian interior of the house, it is worth using decorative elements for transition: pictures, stained-glass windows, or mirror. The design of a small corridor differs in the increased economy of space, it is important to place compactly things and at the same time freely to pass to the house.

The design of a narrow hall provides a limited quantity of furniture, preferably modular and the most capacious: a case for things and footwear, small racks. If at you the narrow hall, design can solve a number of problems with space.

Finishing of a corridor in minimalistic style is very simple: walls are painted or glue wall-paper, for a floor choose laminate, parquet or a tile, a ceiling tension or plasterboard. In a style palette only several simple and unostentatious flowers. It emphasizes the design of a narrow corridor, a visually expanding space.

Design of the hall

Construction materials for the hall also have to be rather wearproof. It is possible to cover walls in that case with vinyl wall-paper, decorative plaster, paint, or liquid wall-paper. Such facing material can be purified without special work from dirt. The ceiling suspended or tension, most often along his perimeter is placed by the built-in lamps or lamps, chandeliers, is dependent on the picked-up style. The interior design of a hall assumes versatile lighting as there are no windows in this room most often: illumination for a case, dot lamps, a sconce. The tile, laminate, or stone will be suitable for facing a floor.

Design of a hall and corridor

Two intermediate rooms can be connected easily among themselves, having the combined style of an interior. The material of finishing and furniture is selected this tree, glass, metal and a stone is dependent on the budget of the customer, most often. The design of a corridor in the private house in style hi-tech which assumes the use of compact furniture and a large amount of light will be a good decision: a modular case, a mirror, racks with the built-in lamps or a sconce. We will equip in the best way your hall - design hi-tech or minimalism with the passing elements that will fit practically into any interior of the house or apartment.

You call us according to the number on the website. We provide a free consultation. Entrust us the corridor - the design from skilled experts will help to turn a small room into a cozy place and will make a pleasant impression about the room on guests from first seconds.