Provence style in design

Provence or "the French country" - style in interior design which gives the chance to plunge into the atmosphere of rest and homeliness.

Features of style Provence: the pastel, muffled colors, walls are whitewashed, or decorated with pictures, textiles with a flower ornament. The upholstery of walls by wooden boards with the subsequent painting in light colors can sometimes be used.

Doors and windows in the interior of Provence surely wooden, white, with visible traces of old times that is a style highlight. Modern new furniture will look here is alien, it has to have history, attrition, traces of rust, dust.

There is a lot of decor in the interior of Provence: various figurines, ware, flowers, pictures. The style means the existence of open shelves (wooden or metal shod).

In the kitchen in style Provence is a lot of open cases and shelves, ware and various kitchen utensils are exposed on display.

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Graceful and easy interior in style Provence

Truly French ability to give everything around itself ease and grace surprise people of other nationalities. So, ordinary rural housing turns into a work of art. The interior design of the house Provence contains nothing unusual in style but gives to the estate an undoubted highlight.

Surprising fact: the Provence style in an interior both apartments in the center of the megalopolis, and a country cottage is equally remarkable. He fills the house with harmony, the atmosphere of rest, unique Mediterranean simplicity, and a coziness. Despite similarity about a country, Provence style in an interior of a country house or city housing has the features:

  • Wall decoration only with plaster in warm pastel colors;
  • Maximum preservation of the texture of natural materials;
  • Dry compositions and fresh flowers, an abundance of figurines and ceramics;
  • Floral motifs in textiles are required;
  • The cut of textiles is intricate, even pretentious - with ruffles, bows, sewing;
  • Exposed beams on the ceiling;
  • Metal forging, old-looking furniture.

    Increasingly, residents of megalopolises decorate their premises in this provincial style, because this does not require significant costs. Natural fabrics, light shades of walls with small bright accents, natural materials. A few subtle hints are enough to evoke associations with the sea, sun, and lavender.

   The interior of the house in the Provence style will not be bright. Muted, delicate and soft shades of sand, cream, blue, lavender will create a special mood. Make the upholstery and its painted parts brighter, but make sure that all design elements are harmoniously collected into a single ensemble.

Provence-style interior design. Tips for a beginner

It is very easy to issue the house thus the beginning master will be able. Here absolutely out of place ideally plain and smooth surface of walls. The more scrapes, roughnesses, bald spots you will leave - the better. It is possible to use the ready structure with the expressed large texture.

You don't want to plaster revet walls with boards. And quite it will turn out to save on material: wood is necessary underpainting most often in blue or white color. Also, wall-paper with stamping or flower motives will approach. Metal plastic windows and doors from MDF  it is absolutely not that it is necessary. Doors and frames only wooden, white color. Put a terracotta tile or almost not processed boards on a floor. Carpets practically don't use.

The interior design of the kitchen in style Provence absolutely another: stucco molding, mosaic, raw brick, and rough stone. All equipment is hidden for facades, a set of the opened and closed shelves on whom flowers, baskets, bottles with oil, recipe-books, jars with spices, pots, decorative plates are located.

So, from you it will be required: simple tools and materials, attention to details, good taste, and ability in time to stop. The deliberateness and excessiveness in a flash will destroy ease and refinement.