Renovation of a two-room apartment

Repair of a two-room apartment from the design and architecture studio Simpeks Design is always a professional approach and comprehensive work with the client.

Having extensive experience in performing repairs, we can offer our customers a full range of services for the repair of a two-room apartment, from drawings of utilities and furniture arrangement in sizes to the delivery of materials to the object at the most affordable prices. Since we work mainly with manufacturing plants and exclusive suppliers, the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Cooperation with the construction company Simpeks Group is a long-standing, experienced, and close-knit team of repairmen. We can say with confidence that we can repair any complexity. Redevelopment of a two-room apartment is our feature. We know a lot and can offer you to make the space of a two-room apartment much more interesting and practical in comparison with what you had initially.

We are responsible for the quality and provide guarantees for the work performed!

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC Lviv Kvartal Watch Project
RC Lviv Kvartal
Kyiv, RC Lviv Kvartal Object 2018
Kyiv city, RС Prestige Hall Watch Project
Kyiv city, RС Prestige Hall
Kyiv city, RС Prestige Hall Object 2014
Kyiv city, Grigorenko Ave. 22/20 Watch Project
Kyiv city, Grigorenko Ave. 22/20
Kyiv city, Grigorenko Ave. 22/20 Object 2015
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Repair of turnkey two-room apartments, without intermediaries

Everyone who has come across renovation work knows that minor or major repairs to a two-room apartment require competent planning and impeccable execution. Thanks to the work of our company as part of the construction company "Simpeks Group", the repair of a two-room apartment will be carried out by professionals with 10 years of experience.

We are ready to offer various options for repairing a two-room apartment, depending on the number of people living. Most often, such living space is acquired by young couples without children or a family with one child. If in the first case it is possible to implement any project for the repair of a two-room apartment, then in the second, one room must be a nursery.

Often, the cost of repairing a two-room apartment per square meter is even cheaper than a one-room apartment, due to additional discounts for volumes and the absence of complex tasks associated with a lack of space.

Invite our design consultant and ask him all the questions that interest you. The cost of renovating a two-room apartment can be significantly reduced if you choose the right materials!

Repair of a turnkey two-room apartment is profitable!

The masters of our company work independently, carefully performing all stages of work, embodying the most original ideas for repairing a two-room apartment.
In the process, European quality standards are strictly adhered to. The customer receives the renovated housing exactly on time, which is specified in the contract.

Cooperation between us and the client takes place according to the following scheme:

  • You call us or send a request by email.
  • The specialist leaves at the agreed time to inspect the object and write down your wishes.
  • At the same time, an approximate estimate for the repair of a two-room apartment in a new building, secondary housing is being discussed.
  • Clarification of details in our office, approval of the estimate, signing of the contract.
  • Selection and purchase of building materials.
  • Renovation works that you can control at any time.
  • Delivery of the repaired object to the customer.

High-class specialists will exactly repeat the repair of a two-room apartment according to a high-quality photo. The image can be brought in person or sent by email.

Regardless of the amount of work, whether it was a complete or partial renovation of a two-room apartment, you get a quality guarantee. We are fully responsible for the work performed.

How much does it cost to repair a two-room apartment with us?

The main factor that affects the total amount is the number (complex) of works. Agree, an exclusive designer renovation of a two-room apartment cannot be cheap.
After all, for this, an individual project is developed, exclusive materials are selected, and many processes require advanced qualifications of the master.

A feature of the renovation in new buildings is the re-planning of the area, which adds costs for the construction of partitions, additional finishing work.

For clients with a modest budget, we often offer redecoration of a two-room apartment, which allows the space to sparkle with new colors. In any case, the staff of the studio "Simpeks Design" will do everything to make you like the result of our work.

You can ask all your questions and get maximum information by calling one of the phones indicated in the "Contacts" section, or by writing an e-mail.