Repair of a three-room apartment

Renovation of a three-room apartment from the Simpeks Design studio is always a responsible approach to your premises. Based on our extensive experience in redevelopment, we are ready to offer the best option that will provide you with the most comfortable living.

Cooperating with the construction company Simpeks Group, we can confidently say that repairs of any complexity are not a problem for us. The repair team is fully responsible for the quality of work and provides a guarantee on them!

It will be easy for you to repair a three-room apartment with our company, since we undertake a full range of repair services, from drawing engineering communications to supplying material to the object.

We have established direct contacts with manufacturing plants and exclusive suppliers, so we are ready to offer our customers high-quality building materials at an excellent price.

We are also ready to fully equip the room with lighting equipment and furniture, which will save you from many problems with the interior design of three-room apartments.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC Herzen Park (120 sq. m.) Watch Project
RC Herzen Park (120 sq. m.)
Kyiv, RC Herzen Park (120 sq. m.) Object 2019
Kyiv, RC Herzen Park (170 sq. m.) Watch Project
RC Herzen Park (170 sq. m.)
Kyiv, RC Herzen Park (170 sq. m.) Object 2018
Kyiv city, Grigorenko Ave. 22/20 Watch Project
Kyiv city, Grigorenko Ave. 22/20
Kyiv city, Grigorenko Ave. 22/20 Object 2015
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Renovation in a three-room apartment for demanding customers

Considering the number of dismantling during the repair of three-room apartments, especially in secondary housing, the requirements of customers for foremen are increasing.

After all, the repair itself in a three-room apartment is a rather lengthy and painstaking process. Extensive experience of the staff of the studio "Simpeks Design" and work as part of the construction company "Simpeks Group" will make it possible to repair a three-room apartment on a turnkey basis in stages, with minimal expenditure of time and money for materials.

If the customer stays in the apartment for the entire period of work, high speed is needed simultaneously with the highest quality and accuracy.
Distribute rooms clearly according to your needs and invite a studio consultant.
He will tell you how to make repairs in your three-room apartment, according to the chosen design in the photo or a developed project.

We carry out repair of three-room apartments, CORRECTLY!

Practice shows that it is better to start repairing a three-room apartment in a panel house or any other from the most remote premises.
First of all, the dirtiest, dusty and noisiest work is performed: dismantling partitions, windows, and doors, replacing communications.
Finishing work is carried out in the direction from the ceiling to the floor, which makes it possible to work simultaneously in several rooms. This technique, of course, will not reduce the cost of repairs in a three-room apartment, but it will definitely allow you to finish it faster.

Our clients shouldn't worry about exorbitant amounts. Exclusive contracts, which our partner "Simpeks Group", concluded with suppliers, allow us to purchase high-quality building materials much cheaper. In addition, discounts are offered to customers depending on the complexity of construction and finishing works.

Reducing the cost of repairing a three-room apartment is REAL!

As mentioned above, “Simpeks Design” buys building materials at favorable prices, does not attract labor from outside, and does not increase the amount in the signed estimate. A clear understanding of the goals of the process will help reduce the cost on your part.

In the course of a simple renovation of surfaces, the price of repairing a three-room apartment will be one, and with a complete re-planning, creating a unique interior, it will be different.

Dial the above phone number or contact us in any way convenient for you. A qualified employee will competently answer all questions and help you choose the best repair option. Call us!