The most prestigious design awards in the world

There are many different design competitions and awards in the world, which are evaluated according to hundreds of different criteria by a wide variety of juries.

Good Design Awards 2021


The Good Design Awards 2021 is an award that is organized annually by the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design of Chicago in partnership with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urbanism.


The focus of the GOOD DESIGN program is on the high-quality design of the highest form, functionality, and aesthetics that go beyond conventional consumer products and graphics.

Award-winning design firms and manufacturers are eligible to enter into a limited legal licensing agreement to use the GOOD DESIGN museum logo to designate and identify the selected product or graphics in their marketing, publications, promotions and communications campaigns as a public symbol of product and service quality.

This public seal of approval immediately informs consumers that the selected product and graphics meet the most stringent tests and criteria for absolute design excellence.

The Good Design Awards are an international symbol of the company's strong commitment to innovation and design excellence. Materials and products are available at the museum.

The participation fee is $375 per entry.

The deadline for applications this year is June 1, 2021.


Designers: Koz Susani Design, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Manufacturer: Cumberland, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

A'Design Award

The A'Design Award opens to participants in 110 categories, including architecture, furniture design, interior design, electronic devices, packaging, jewelry, transportation, graphic design, web design, etc.

This is the first competition to bring together spatial design, industrial and communication design. The A'Design Award can be awarded to a finished product as well as a concept and prototype.

The organizers of the competition describe it on their website with the following epithets: “innovative, smart, honest, scientific, thoughtful, great, useful, charitable and beautiful.

End of registration 05/10/2021

The Furniture Design Award (FDA)

The Furniture Design Award (FDA) is an annual competition that highlights the very best in furniture design across the industry. The competition continues to amaze with its innovations and research.

The competition is organized by the Designers Association of Singapore, the Singapore Institute of Architecture and IFF Pte.

Core77 Design Awards


Core77 Design Awards - founded in 2011 and for the eighth consecutive year, provides an opportunity for students and professionals to promote their best work in various design categories.

18 grading categories:

  • Embedded environment
  • Design Education Initiative
  • Home and life
  • Personal accessory
  • Sports and recreation
  • Transport
  • Trade software
  • Design for social impact
  • Interaction
  • Service Design
  • Strategy and research
  • Visual communication
  • Consumer technology
  • Furniture and lighting
  • Health and wellness
  • Packaging
  • Speculative design
  • Tools and work

IF Design Awards

IF Design Award 2020 is an international design competition. Established in 1954 by the International Forum Design in Hanover. Today it is one of the most important international design awards, which brings together over 10,000 participants from 52 countries every year.

Awards for participants

  • IF Design Award
  • IF Design Talent Award 2021/02
  • IF Design Talent Award 2021/01
  • Social Impact Prize
  • Taipei Cycle D&I Awards 2021

Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Award - design award from the North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center

Awarded to designers and manufacturing companies for excellence in consumer product design. The award-winning works are exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, which is by far the world's largest collection of contemporary design achievements.

The nominations are divided into three categories - industrial design, communication design, conceptual design.
Several types of awards are presented in each category:
The winner is the main award for high-quality design.
“Best of the Best” - the best works from each category. Awarded for revolutionary design.
"Grand Prix" is the highest personal award of the competition, chosen from the winners who have received the Best of the Best award.
The main symbol of the award - a stylized red dot - was developed in 1991 by Otlem Eicher.

China Food Design

China Good Design is the first one of the most prestigious international design awards in China, organized by Red Dot.
The organization promotes quality Chinese consumer products that are in demand around the world.
Professor Peter Zeck - Founder and CEO of Red Dot - says that "China Good Design will soon be an international award that will appeal to big brands and top designers."
The criteria for evaluating the competition are the degree of innovation, functionality, durability, emotional intensity and environmental friendliness.
The jury will review works presented in more than 60 categories, including home and office furniture, sporting goods, jewelry, cars, robotics, etc.

European Product Design Award

The European Product Design Award is an (EPDA) competition that brings together designers and manufacturers from over 80 countries.
Contestants have at their disposal 84 categories in which you can easily find your niche: from product design and packaging to concept and prototypes.
The European Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of talented designers who strive to improve people's daily lives with practical and beautiful items. Their work should solve everyday problems, facilitate daily tasks, and just be fun.

The assessment is based on a number of criteria that are constantly being adapted to current standards.

The award is divided into several types:
Designs receiving the "Honorable Mention" feature unconventional creativity.
The “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold” winners receive their awards for the innovation, functionality, and creativity of their work.
Platinum holders are chosen for their outstanding design qualities and the use of unusual materials.

Article author: Buliga Vladislav