Design of bathrooms

The design of a bathroom, irrespective of style, submits to the main requirements: functionality, practicality, ergonomics, and minimum decorative elements.

Most often the bathroom is done combined. It is the justified course from the point of view of the economy of space and functionality of a bathroom.

The main difficulties - the thought-over placement of sanitary devices and household appliances (the water heater, the washing machine).

The choice of style of the interior of a bathroom is guided by the general stylistics of the apartment. The most popular styles of registration of an interior - minimalism, Provence, a modernist style, classics.

Completed projects
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Watch Project
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.)
Kyiv, RC "Lviv Quarter" (70 sq.m.) Design project 2018
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The project of the design of a bathroom.

Individual decisions

Experience of masters of the Simpeks Design company allows turning the most extraordinary and exclusive design of a bathroom into reality. Professional designers and designers of our company will take care of the correct and ergonomic arrangement of plumbing fixtures, the thought-over finishing, and lighting.

With us, you receive not just a beautiful and modern design of a bathroom, and really cozy, the safe room which is convenient and pleasant for use.

In the majority of apartments a bathroom - quite small room, therefore, our experts carry out his design very responsibly. First of all the sketch on paper on which placement of each subject and type of internal finishing of a floor, walls, and a ceiling is specified is created. The design of bathrooms is optimum if a set of equipment and furniture is convenient for each resident. Also, men's and female zones are whenever possible allocated.

We work in the market of design and repair and construction services since 2010 as a part of the construction and trade companies. Therefore we will be able not only to create the project but also to bring it to a logical conclusion.

Thanks to new technologies have become possible to combine, for example, a tree with plastic, glass, a stone, or a tile. The especially original and unusual approach is demanded by the design of a big bathroom - in him, it is possible to realize any concepts.

The designer selects harmonious color scale and light registration, according to the chosen style. Each stage is followed by coordination from the customer. After completion of coordination, sketches turn into a three-dimensional model.

Courageous design of a small bathroom

Proceeding from own long-term experience, we advise all owners of apartments from a small bathroom, not to fall into despair - the interior for it can be chosen not less interesting, than for big. It is worth using the services of our experts.

As a rule, developing design of a bathroom of the small size, we pursue four aims:

  • it is rational to use the area;
  • to visually expand space;
  • to use compact plumbing fixtures, accessories, and accessories;
  • to organize the correct lighting.

The harmonious combination of these is more whole will make even the most limited room cozy and free.

Often those who have a small bathroom refuse bulky bathtubs at all, preferring design with a shower cabin. Such a step allows releasing in the small room at most spaces.

Various impressive plastic panels compete in the finishing of such rooms with ceramic tile. We will offer you a successful sketch with that facing material that you consider more relevant.

The design of a bathroom with a shower cabin has to be, first of all, harmonious. After the visit to you, our designer will think over and will offer several options of placement of plumbing fixtures and registration of space. You will need only to choose the best.
Also, masters of Simpeks Design will unite a bathroom and a toilet in one design will make this room functional and modern.

Our experts act so:

  1. Carry out a survey of the condition of the room, do measurements;
  2. Choose the style of design with the customer;
  3. Develop the project;
  4. Make the list of installation and construction works, do the estimate.

It is possible to use the services of professionals of Simpeks Design, having left online the application or having called by phone specified at the top of the page. Address!