The Scandinavian style in design

The Scandinavian style in an interior is characterized by the asceticism that is connected with the severe northern climate of the peninsula.

In finishing an interior only natural and ecological materials are used: tree, flax, plaster, stone.

Primary colors that are used in the Scandinavian style: white, shades sand, beige, dairy. To dilute light tone, use bright accents - a decor, pillows, contrast chairs.

Furniture in the Scandinavian style simple and functional, light. Wooden surfaces give to an interior warmth and coziness. A specific place is held by lighting - various desk lamps, floor lamps, a sconce are used here. The house has to be filled in with light, therefore, windows big and often aren't decorated by curtains, easy transparent curtains are possible.

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Interior in the Scandinavian style. All secrets of his atmosphere

The basic light tone is softly diluted with warm pastel and bright color accents. In such color combination the most various natural materials, a fireplace with naked flame most successfully look. In this house, it is quiet and good.

House, really cozy interior design in the Scandinavian style is thought up long ago but becomes popular around the world just now. He is loved by people who deny ostentatious luxury, appreciate simplicity and comfort.

The room can be decorated with linen, glass, wood, metal, natural stones, cotton, fur, skin. It is necessary to be accurate: the abundance of contrast points will turn the room into bad taste. The spacious interior of the house in the Scandinavian style is filled with the sun, air. Window openings frame linen, cotton easy curtains. It is better to make frames of a tree, selecting his shade in tone to a floor covering. Pieces of furniture not too elaborate.

Practicality, functionality, and, besides, natural materials: wood of birch, beech. A fir-tree, a pine is allowed. An upholstery the leather, textiles.

Lamps use any. The quantity they to any the Scandinavian style in an interior apparently is one photo higher, allows a full variety of devices of lighting.

Walls are very smooth, trim them with monophonic white, cream, or beige plaster, sometimes panels, lining which has horizontally. Lay laminate, a parquet board on the floor, it is obligatory a bright rug, a scrappy path.

More carefully with the decor if decide to create an apartment interior in the Scandinavian style with own hand. It is worth choosing at least and only carefully thought over jewelry. Vases, porcelain, ceramics, mirrors, textiles, and metal - all simple, sound, and original. To the place, there will be family photos (especially ancient) or views of the sea.

The Scandinavian style in an interior. Councils of the designer

The houses issued in such style decision will suit all who love novelty without cardinal changes. In whole or in part it is simple to decorate own dwelling in the style of the northern countries, following our advice:

  1. It is a lot of sunlight. By rules, traditional curtains aren't suitable for windows. But the Scandinavian style in an interior of kitchen and other is freedom, so, it is quite possible to attach blinds, rolled curtains if it is impossible to do without curtains;
  1. Combine monophonic walls with bright spots: it can be collages, juicy wall-paper. It is remarkable that the last can be glued as will like. The Scandinavian style in an interior of the apartment looks more cheerfully with colourful prints, posters;
  1. Convenience. This style is created by experience of simple life of Scandinavians. In such interior everything it has to be comfortable. Therefore provide many different shelves, lockers, niches;
  1. Interior of kitchen in the Scandinavian style (and not only) in the north  simply painted or slightly processed table-tops, cases, and other wooden surfaces. Therefore any is useful, let and inexpensive, wood.

Simple, light and kind style which won't demand from you observance of especially strict rules. In such situation, you feel free from conventions.